Monday, November 29, 2010

Neil Merryweather

You can read all about Neil Merryweather here, but let's talk about this record. It's in the top ten of best rock records ever made. I'm not stating an opinion, that is a fact. More consistent than pretty much anything from that era, it's also explosive fuzz guitar at it's peak. Turn it up and you can feel the heat of vintage transistors being over driven as guitars scream to 11.

Not sure how to describe this one...partly later Electric Prunes, a bit of Highway Robbery, and 100x heavier than Edgar Winter at his rockingest. It's hooky, raw and LOUD.

This is also one of those records that is SO good, I gotta say that you'll miss out if skip around like it's so easy to do these days of mp3 blogs and torrents. Even the slower songs will get stuck in your head and have incredibly well written guitar parts.

As of now there are 2 from private sellers on Amazon for 18 bucks each, so if you don't take my word for it, check it out here first then go order this Canadian masterpiece of epic rock.

Is it just me or do the verses of "You Know Where I'd Rather Be" sound like it could be from a newer Melvins song?

Star Rider, eh?