Thursday, March 25, 2010

Teen Crud Combo

Canada's Teen Crud Combo sound like a lot of bands did during the 90s: A sort of Dwarves/Zeke/New Bomb Turks hybrid. I always remembered this 7" standing out more than most of that stuff, and listening to it again it really does. It also features Allyson Baker who moved out this way shortly after their demise.

Beaver County

The Stranglers


Not too long ago I was playing D&D at my friend Nick's pad and he had a tape (yes I said tape) of the Stranglers playing. It made me dig this old 7" out and listen to some of the old Stranglers stuff again. I was never much of a fan, but I liked what I was hearing that night. Maybe they were too "quirky" for me at the time, maybe I just wasn't ready for their awesomeness...most likely it was the cornball keyboards, which funnily enough is now my favorite part.
Anyways, here's the one single I own by them. Their 11th single in fact, featuring two unreleased songs! Make sure you seek out their debut LP, "Rattus Norvegicus" if you haven't heard it.

The Gospel

Sunday, March 21, 2010


VINYL RIP (12 big inches)

What's that you say? Why don't I post more gay cowboy disco? Well alright then!
I bought this LP in the castro 11 or so years ago, and I still know nothing about it. Side A is more disco, and side B is more country but it's all super GAY. Enjoy!

Addicted To A Dick

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Iron Sheiks

I was going to post this on St. Patrick's Day, because who knows as much about drinking beer as the Irish? Australians! And this here is some fine music to bend the elbow to (and smash someone with an elbow to).
I don't know much about the Iron Sheiks, but they were still playing at least up 'till 2009 according to their myspace page. I found this record at Green Apple Books somewhere around 1997, and it's still a favorite. Musically, it's got a bit of early '80s California skate punk vibe, but it's still 100% Aussie.

Stunt Rock

R.I.P. Bruce Roehrs

Our friend (and by "our", I mean everyone who had the pleasure of knowing him) Bruce passed away. I can't remember the first time I met Bruce, but it seemed like since I moved to San Francisco, he's always been there. Supportive and positive about the music scene, always willing to listen -and good at cheering you up, and one of the most legitimately nicest people I've ever met.

We're all gonna miss you Bruce, this song's for you-


Tuesday, March 16, 2010


If I put anyone in the mood for some hard to digest weird noisy experimental stuff, look no further than San Francisco’s own Factrix.
Last year or so I went to the local underground theatre here and watched an hours worth of live stuff, which was great. That wasn’t the first I’d heard of Factrix, but it was the first I’d actually heard them. I downloaded this soon after, since I haven’t seen their record around. They started in 1978, but this LP came out a year after the first Whitehouse LP. There are similarities, but Factrix reminds me more of the track Steve Fitch recorded with the Butthole Surfers a half decade later and some of the Residents less structured music. I’m no expert at this kinda stuff, but I like putting it on every now and then.

California Babylon

Monday, March 15, 2010


Sorry, I got some good rips coming, but I keep forgetting to take pics of the album art.

In the meantime, here is the debut Whitehouse record, recorded in 1980. If you enjoy getting your teeth drilled, want to feel like you're in a Saw movie, can listen to the Conet Project over and over again, or think Faust is too accessible, then this is right up your alley.
I guess if you like that stuff you already own this and this post is pointless. If you haven't heard it, their second record "Total Sex" is even more brutal, but I still like this one better.

The Agony!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Paul Stanley's Stage Banter

My scuzzy coked-out step uncle was a big wig at Casablanca Records when I was a kid, so I got all the KISS records for free much to the envy of my neighborhood chums. I was a huge fan and like many kids, we would spend our free time putting on KISS makeup and playing air guitar to their records. What's cuter than a couple 1st graders singing "Mainline", "Love Gun" or "shock me - we can cum together"?
Though I'm still a fan and even went to see them recently, in adulthood I make fun of them waaay more often than I praise them. How can you not watch Paul Stanley shaking his 58 year old Jewish ass across the stage and not have a huge grin on your face? And by the way, does he dye his chest hair?? Be that as it may, they still put on a great show, and even with the pyro and whatnot, their show would be nothing without Paul's cheesy yet endearing stage banter to the audience (recently with hilarious Wal*Mart plugs!). Here is a great bootleg with 70 tracks of just that.
Also, did you know that he's a painter?


(bootleg, not my rip)



X formed in Sydney Australia in 1977 after Ian Rilen left Rose Tattoo before their debut single was released (though he wrote the classic "Bad Boy For Love".
I think it was about a decade ago, local man about town Mark Murrmann released this 7" of "Home is Where the Floor Is" and three other tracks. It was my first time hearing the band, and I still play this amazing single quite a bit. You can buy their 2 LPs reissued now on CD here.
They're touring the states soon, but unfortunately Ian Rilen died of bladder cancer a few years ago, so he'll be joining original member Steve Lucas in "spirit" only.

Good On Ya!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

It's Raining Again...

I like making myself comps when it's raining. Maybe you like downloading rain comps when it's raining.
The last one I made is a bit better maybe, but I only have 125 gigs on my iTunes to work with here...

part 1


Monday, March 1, 2010

the Jewws


For such a great, short lived band, the Jewws put out a 10" with one of the worst covers ever. Don't let that scare you off though, because what you got here is one of the better garage punk records of the '90s (pushing 2000s). I saw 'em live once (not this show, but check it out: and they were every bit as good as all the hype surrounding them at the time. Take a listen and search out their LP "L'Explosion Du Son De Maintenant!"

The Space City Beat!

The Whip


Jared from Karp teamed up with Joe Preston for a nanosecond and did a short tour and small pressing of this here fine 7".
It sounds a lot like Karp, but you can hear a little move toward the Big Business sound. They were great live when I saw them in S.F. but I liked Karp (and now Big Business) a little bit more. As for Joe Preston, check out Thrones "Sperm Whale" if you get the chance.

Ding Dong The Witch is Dead

The Mutilators


I don't why something that combines my two favorite things (Rock 'n' Roll and Horror Movies) could bore me so much, but Psychobilly certainly does. There are a couple exceptions, and San Francisco's Mutilators are one of them. Maybe they're not even psychobilly, maybe it's just Gene Vincent on 45 RPM, but either way they were great live and this is a great single. The Mutilators could fit equally well opening for Flipper, Wanda Jackson or playing to a bunch of skinhead-turned-rockabilly fuckwads at a San Diego car show. You just can't put a label on good song writing.

Chain Fight Tonight