Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Paul Stanley's Stage Banter

My scuzzy coked-out step uncle was a big wig at Casablanca Records when I was a kid, so I got all the KISS records for free much to the envy of my neighborhood chums. I was a huge fan and like many kids, we would spend our free time putting on KISS makeup and playing air guitar to their records. What's cuter than a couple 1st graders singing "Mainline", "Love Gun" or "shock me - we can cum together"?
Though I'm still a fan and even went to see them recently, in adulthood I make fun of them waaay more often than I praise them. How can you not watch Paul Stanley shaking his 58 year old Jewish ass across the stage and not have a huge grin on your face? And by the way, does he dye his chest hair?? Be that as it may, they still put on a great show, and even with the pyro and whatnot, their show would be nothing without Paul's cheesy yet endearing stage banter to the audience (recently with hilarious Wal*Mart plugs!). Here is a great bootleg with 70 tracks of just that.
Also, did you know that he's a painter?


(bootleg, not my rip)


  1. oh man

    this is going to be amazing

    I just know it

  2. it's pretty great....especially the "Love Gun" intro....

  3. Hey man- great stuff here. I needed this Paul stuff. Thanks for posting Screams From the Gutter as well.
    I lived in SF in 96/97 and saw Mensclub alot. They were pretty unavoidable at that time for sure.


  4. Just watched Phantom of the Park...hilarious. Nice, Paul Stanley talkin' about lickin dudes.

  5. I like the "Uzi of Ooze" part the best.

  6. You may have a huge grin on your face, but Paul is shakin' his 58 year old ass all the way to the bank! :)