Thursday, December 31, 2009

Nervous Eaters

I don't throw around the term "essential" much, but Boston's pre-punk degenerates, the Nervous Eaters are just that. Many of you know their song "Just Head" from KBD comps, or covered by the New Bomb Turks (in my opinion the Turks pretty much took that song and based their band's sound on it), but this CD includes their unreleased tracks and an interview as well as their two 45s.
The CD comes with a huge booklet (that I didn't scan) with interviews and photos so it's worth seeking out, but if you're not wanting to shell out the $40 this CD is going for now, download this 1973-1975 retrospective of Boston's greatest rock 'n' roll band! (and I'm not forgetting about DMZ).

You Smell Like Fish

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


To me Budgie's "Impeckable" is their last great record. Some of you may not like the slower stuff on here, but Tony Bourge and Burke Shelly can write a catchy ballad such as "All At Sea" just as well as heavy rockers like "Melt the Ice Away" -both fanfuckingtastic Impeckable tunes.
If you checked out my post of Budgie's "If I Were Britania..." you know what to expect here. Perhaps there's still no "Nude Disintegrating Parachute Woman" tracks, and sure there's a few near misses, but It WILL grow on you if you give it chance. Of course, I got this import in the early 90s, so I've had plenty of time. Some sellers have the CD going for $99 on Amazon, so get it here 'till it's reissued and remastered!
Scans/liner notes included.

Dish It Up

Monday, December 28, 2009


It's a shame not more people listen to the first couple Lucifer's Friend records and it's especially too bad that this pre-Lucifer's Friend album (same dudes, different name) is so hard to come by (at least for a reasonable price).
What's it sound like? Well, it's a bit mellower at times, and it's not as "proggy" as the next album, but there is some great barnstormer Rock 'n' Roll as well though. Is there anything as Earth shaking as "Ride in the Sky"? No, but "Open Up Your Mind" rocks in a B.O.C. meets The Who and later Electric Prunes kinda way, while "Everybody" sounds like Moby Grape with balls. There's some great stuff here and despite a couple throwaways, it's a pretty solid album.

Jump Into My Action


No surprise that I love The Bubble Puppy, but it wasn't till recently that I found out they put out a second LP after moving to L.A. and changing their name to Demian.
It's more 70s rock than the previous record with nothing as fuzzed out as "Hot Smoke and Sassafrass" nor as dreamy and catchy as "Beginning". Still, it's a pretty cool album with a reworking of "Todd's Tune" and the opening track "Face in the Crowd" being a solid 70s rock stomper with a hooky guitar melody. David Fore went on to New Wave band D-Day and still plays music.
This CD is around 27 bucks from private sellers on amazon, so check it out here:

Peace Cannot Be Found Without Despair

Monday, December 21, 2009

The Jack Saints

me, me, me...blah, blah blah...

Anyways, this is the first stuff The Jack Saints ever recorded using a Tascam 4 track when we were still living in Palm Springs/Palm Desert/Indio back in 1995. It's the same lineup as Solarfeast -minus Chris. So hey, another desert rock "rarity"!
These tunes are lo-fi sludge rock with a bit of Helios Creed thrown in. I guess. I still like the songs, and I like the lo-finess of it all (but probably most of you wont). Anyways, anyone who ever liked our band will be surprised by the less-garage-more-rock sound we had back then, but from the artwork and "Getting High With Larry Hagman" you can tell that we were already starting morph into a more garage rock outfit.
"Horse Thief" is my favorite tune on this, and we weren't being ironic when we covered Ozzy's "Rock and Roll Rebel". I still love that song. I'm pretty sure "Great Great Green Grocery" was inspired by Lee Harvey Oswald Band's "Bowels of Rock and Roll".
Bonus Track: "Ether Eye Land". Bad vocals..we never did redo them and the track wasn't on the original cassette that we gave to like 5 people... Our first show was with Josh Homme's band "Gravel Path" and Fatso Jetson.
Well, Give it a listen - or don't. I got one more desert thing to post, then back to the good stuff!

Snap Slack Neck Breaker Baby

Sunday, December 20, 2009


Hey, it's my old band!
It was 1991 and punk just "broke" so in a sort of protest, Nick (who I still play with in various bands) and I decided it was time to start playing heavier stuff again. We teamed up with Chris Cockrell (From Kyuss and Evolution's End) and our drummer John Hall (who quit soon after when he couldn't take Chris's getting near black out drunk at shows -ha!). Eventually we got Tony Tornay (Fatso Jetson, Chuck Dukowski Sextet) and recorded this CD with Brant Bjork on he and Tony's label.
We recorded and mixed everything in a couple days. The bass shoulda been mixed better, and we shoulda had our shit together more, but whatever.
Live, we usually played in front of a 16mm projection of educational films of space and Egypt (I was/am really into Hawkwind, Butthole Surfers and Ed Hall) and took lots of drugs. It was a fun time.
I wrote the music to Rats, Puppy Has Ludes, and Bad Mitten Sex Kitten. Nick wrote Exode, Voodoo Spell (my favorite track) and Chris wrote the rest (Helping Hands being my 2nd favorite track).

We did a live version of C.O.C.'s "Mad World" at the end of the record. We were jumping around a lot and I unplugged myself, so I patched in the second part of my "solo". Anyways, we all were big fans of the first two C.O.C. records.

Well, for Kyuss Kompletists this is a must-have. Anyone else? Download at your own risk. I like some of it.

Thanks to Mr Phreek for scanning the art for this. Check out his BLOG.

Acid And Gasoline

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Uncle Paul


When my first bands were playing out at generator parties in the desert, Uncle Paul was one of those "eccentric older punk dudes" that would play some acoustic stuff in between bands.
His biggest claim to fame was that along with Rafe/Brian (who went on to for Polyphemus) he formed Target 13, the Posh Boy band that recorded the minor suck-up hit "Rodney on the Rocks".
This tape captures the best of Uncle Paul's songs from 1977-1991. Some of it is rough(especially the first track), some of it isn't my cup of tea, but there's some shit on here that should have been KBD classics. "Drop a Bomb" and "Night of the Living/Dead" both from 1978 are my favorites, and his 1987 rendition of "White Lightning" is also pretty great. Also noteworthy is that 1991's "I Command You to Dance" features Mario and Gary of Yawning Man. This is a tape rip, so you get Side A and Side B. Sorry, but that's how it is with tapes!

Let's Drink To Life

Polyphemus (#2)

I just got back from visiting friends and family down in Palm Springs, so I thought I'd post some "desert rock" (not Kyuss rip off bands, but actual bands from the desert) over the next few days.

In the early - mid 90s, one of my favorite local bands was Polyphemus. I uploaded Polyphemus's debut album already (the one I prefer), but here's their slicker, poppier sophomore effort. I doesn't capture their live psychedelic/garage/noisepop energy, but there's some great catchy tunes on this.

Ai! Ai! Cthulhu F'taghn!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I'll skip Chainsaw's lengthy and interesting BIO since it's included in my scans. All you need to know is that they started in 1977 and by all reports were an amazing, aggro live band. The record's pretty good too!

I found the CD for $1, so I don't have to rip my vinyl reissue now! Whooo!

Burn All Bridges

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Fronted by Deep Wound's Charlie Nakajima, and featuring J Mascis on drums, it's not quite the incredible record it should have been. I heard some of their shows were amazing, but the production here is pretty lacking. The title track, "Menacing Relm" sounds evil enough, and there's a bit of indie rock, metal and folk going on throughout the rest, and while there are some highlights, it doesn't ever add up to what could have been. If you're a fan of either two bands, or like stuff like Drunk Injuns, check it out though!

Video Prick

Guided By Voices

If you've never heard GBV or aren't sure if you like them or not then stop here. Go get Bee Thousand, Mag Earwhig!, Under the Bushes Under the Stars, Alien Lanes, Earthquake Glue, Half Smiles of the Decomposed...well you get the point.
If however, you heard their Ric Ocasek produced "Do The Collapse" and were disappointed, check out this 9 song EP that came out around the time. 6 songs are produced by Ocasek, but only "Hold on Hope" was released on the full length (a couple songs have appeared elsewhere in earlier rougher forms). If a few of these songs were included on Do the Collapse, it would have been a much better album.

Tractor Rape Chain

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Mr. California

Terry, AKA Mr. California is the only musician on my blog who has played in my living room, sued the COOP where I work, and was signed to my roommates label. He may have burnt many bridges here in S.F. (he now lives in Cleveland) but what - People expected more out of this moron?
If you haven't heard Mr. California yet, you're in for a damn treat. Spazzy, funny, juvenile, schizophrenic and did I mention 52 tracks?
Sounding a bit like a mix of the Nig Heist, The Residents, Zoogz Rift, the Meat Men and early Sebadoh, highlights include "Rise Up", "Cinnamon Roll", and "Butterfly".

Cock-A-Doodle Dreamin'

Died Pretty

I first heard of Died Pretty, when their song "Winterland" was played on MTVs 120 minutes in the late '80s. Musically they're sort of in the same league as other Aussie artists of the time: Hoodoo Gurus, Lime Spiders, etc... except (and unfortunately) a lot more radio friendly at times. Some songs I love, while others I'm just not into at all -but the songs I like, I REALLY like. Decide for yourself, and at least play Winterland with headphones on and volume turned up. It's an amazing track.

Also, this was produced by Rob Younger of Radio Birdman/New Christs!

Gila 77

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Fuzztones

This album was the result of Rudi Protrudi moving to Los Angles and jumping the shark. Overly and poorly produced; less garage and more Cult-esque biker rock. A definite low point in the Fuzztones great career. Is it a shit sandwich? No, there's a couple good tracks and if it wasn't from the same guy who gave us Lysergic Emenations, it might not be half bad for the time - and better than most 1980s Sunset Strip fodder.

That's The Blog I'm In

Monday, December 7, 2009

Scared of Chaka

I loved Scared of Chaka. Fast, catchy and for some reason underrated. We played with them a couple times when they came through San Francisco and everyone I knew liked 'em as much as me. There's no sane reason that their best album, Masonic Youth, should be out of print. It's as good as any early Dickies or Dead Kennedy's record. Maybe one day it will be considered as classic.

Toilet Duck

Just Cross

Just Cross was the band I was in in High School (we weren't a Christian band!). Before this I had started a few other bands with friends: The Fetal Pigs, Drunk and Disorderly, Ann Jillian's Breast, Naked Nuns on LSD...I remember the names but I think the bands were basically just me and a couple friends talking about starting a band and coming up with funny song titles and jaming maybe once or twice. Just Cross was the band that actually "almost played out".
This was late '87 or early '88 I think. I'm playing guitar, so was my friend Billy. Hugo was on drums, John was singing. All you can hear is vocals and drumming on this boom box recording, but I dunno, I kinda like it for it's raw fucked-upness.
I don't know if I wrote the music to this song or not, but it sounds a little like we're trying to do some kind of Dayglo Abortions thing, so maybe I did. John's singing about our friend Danny who turned into a wanna be gangster one day...

Just Cross "Throwing Rocks Through Windows"

Ren & Stimpy's Christmas

I got this bit of holiday cheer when it came out, and I've played it every December since. It may be lacking John K, but there's plenty Billy West to go around. It's out of print, so enjoy!

Happy Happy Joy Joy!

Friday, December 4, 2009

The Loudmouths (Singles Collection)


When our band The Jack Saints started out, we'd been in a more Sabbath/Hawkwind influenced group down in the desert where we're from. We were listening to Fitz of Depression "give it a Twist" and the Fuckboyz "Love American Gladiator Style" ep and wanting to get back into playing more punk rock stuff. The first Jack Saints recordings were heavier and weirder than what we started sounding like after we moved to S.F., and that's largely due to our friendship and fanship of the Loudmouths.
The great thing about S.F. was that you could go see the Loudmouths or the Idiots and then go see a heavier local band like Lost Goat or Acid King and many of the same people would be there. We never made a conscious decision to drop our slower, heavier sound, but those Loudmouths shows were such a ton of crazy drunken good times, that was the scene we gravitated more towards.
If spitting, drinking, and skateboarding is your thing, check 'em out! These are all their singles, ripped for me by Beth Loudmouth. I'll prolly post their two full lengths at some point in the future.
(I included some cover art, but I couldn't find a couple of my singles)

We Live On The Streets, Not The Avenues!

Thursday, December 3, 2009



Someone offered my $400 for ths 7" once. I turned it down because then I could no longer tell the tale of how I found this thing at a Palm Springs Thrift Store back in 1991 for .25 cents.
I actually forgot I had it for many years, when our friend Bowy from Belgium was pawing through my singles and said "You have bummer bitch?" Oh yeah, I guess I do...and it's not even bagged. Somewhere in those 7 years since I got it, I knew the song more from the KBD comp than my actual singe.
Anyways, that's my story. If you've never heard "Bummer Bitch", download it here in all its sleezy, funny, punk rock glory.



I'm not one of those people who claim I liked a band waaaaay back unless I did. I didn't know who Manilla Road were 'till last year, and I'd never heard of Hubble Bubble 'till the Bloodstains bootleg came out in the '90s. Who cares? There's always bands you miss. This OZ record on the other hand I picked up somewhere many years ago (probably for the kick ass cover) and it became one of my all time favorite metal records. By now it's been on lots of blogs and they have new fans springing up all over the place. That's a good thing, because all of their records are grossly underrated. Many of you already know this one, but if you don't, go read about 'em here.

(Not my rip, but includes my scans of jacket and T-Shirt order form insert!)


Sunday, November 22, 2009

I've Been Busy!

Sorry for lack of new content, I'll prolly put up 6 or 7 things over the Thanksgiving break to make up for it tho!

Anyways, as you all get ready to spend some time with the family or just plan on getting loaded with friends this Thursday (For those of you who are American), why not make more awesome side dishes and adopt a turkey this year instead of carving one?

See y'all soon!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Normally I sorta yammer on about a band's history or what they meant to me, but today, inspired by a comment left by someone on Facebook, I'm posting the Cherubs. What did they mean to me? Not much of anything I guess, but I really, really liked them somewhere around 1992-93. This was their first CD, and it fits in nicely with the likes of Ed Hall, Butthole Surfers, Johnboy, and Crust. Give it a listen. Maybe it will change your life, or maybe you'll just think it's really really good. If you dig it, pick up their second -and heavier- CD "Heroin Man".

Carjack Fairy

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Both LPs One CD

I first heard Buffalo thanks to Nick (my friend and bandmate) back in the late '90s and it was one of those "how did I not hear this before now??" moments.
Buffalo Formed in Sydney, Australia in 1971 from the ashes of Dave Tice and Peter Wells's band "Head". By 1976 they went through lineup and style changes, but their early stuff is some blistering full-of-testosterone crocodile wrestling beer drinking skirt lifting rock.
Post Buffalo, Peter Wells went on to form Rose Tattoo, Dave Tice did the Count Bishops and The Headhunters. Unfortunately Pete Wells is pushing up the grass, but according to Wikipedia, Dave Tice still whips out a meaty Buffalo tune now and then live.
This CD cost me $27 new several years ago, and now it goes for as much as $76. Some people are selling it cheaper online though, so snatch up a copy if you like it.

Good On Ya!


Several years back, I was minding my own business DJing at the C.W. Saloon in San Francisco when this band of "older" guys took the stage and started playing some great juvenile three-chord punk.
It didn't hit me 'till halfway through their set when I heard "Hey MOM...I just quit my JOB! ..Fuck your JOB!" that I was watching the Nubs! (I knew the name had sounded familiar).
Anyways, I was fortunate enough to catch a bunch of their shows, become friends with their new drummer, Gino, and hear their new songs that sounded just as good as their classics.
The Nubs (I don't think) have played in a long time, and who knows if the new songs will ever see the light of day (unless they released them and I'm unaware), but they did reissue all their old classics for us. It's nice when a band has written a ton more great songs than just their one famous "KBD" single. Check it out and appreciate one of the bay areas least appreciated great bands.

Soap May Float But Your Baby Won't

Friday, November 6, 2009

A.G.s and Stukas Over Bedrock


I posted the out of print A.G.'s CD some time ago and if you read the comments, it turns out an old friend of mine, Patrick Houdek, put out a cassette split with them and Stukas Over Bedrock (remember them??) many years back (1986 to be exact). Best part of the story is that he had since ripped it to CD and sent me a copy to post on the blog. Thanks Patrick!

Hurt A Cop

Foreskin 500

Foreskin 500 featured Mark "3KSK" Brooks, one of the masterminds behind the great, late Warlock Pinchers. In their somewhat brief career Foreskin put out 3 records and a few singles (one of which I released on my old label).
It was hard to decide which record to post, but eventually I settled on their final and funkiest, "Starbent but Superfreaked".
Foreskin were an incredible and wild band live (thanks in part to Arthur Brown meets Iggy Pop frontman Diggie Diamond), but their records never really did that justice.
Mark went on to create 'Lil Pimp, storyboard and direct some of Metalocolypse, and is currently directing The Black Panther series. Diggie also moved to Hollywood and enjoys the good life.

Team Fucker

Dinosaur Jr

If I had to tell you what my favorite band was in high school, I'd easily say Dinosaur Jr. I still listen to them quite a bit and I'm actually going to see them tonight at the Fillmore supporting their new (great) album, "Farm".
I try to never post stuff that's still in print here on Blog the Jerk!, so you're not getting the best material if you've never listened to Dinosaur before now. But for those fans who haven't heard this weird little single, this post's for you. (I've also included the "Get Me" Cd single with their cover of the Flying Burrito Brothers "Hot Burrito #2 and an acoustic version of "Quest").
The "Take a Run at the Sun" songs were written for a movie called "Grace of My Heart", a story loosely based on Carol King. J channels Brian Wilson on these songs, especially the offbeat "Smile" sounding track, "The Pickle Song". While J doesn't have the voice to fully pull off any Beach Boys style, it's sure fun hearing him try. A strange and enjoyable EP.

Endless Summer

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Speed Rules OK! (A Blog the Jerk! Comp)

Ahh speed. Inspirer of "found art" sculptures, all-night guitar noodling, and endless electrician's tape repair jobs (of things that didn't need repairing). Hitler was fond of it, as well as the tens of thousands of doctors back in the '50s who'd prescribe it in pill form for anything from depression to headaches. Who would want to actually quit such a wonder drug? Not many people it turns out, hence the wretched "after" photos you see all the time (although I bought it once from a guy in Palm Springs who was in his late 50s and still looked good after 35 years of use).
Anyways, I don't like doing drugs anymore - or even drinking more than half a cup of coffee - but that doesn't mean I can't enjoy bands singing about the joys of "booger sugar". I even threw on one of my bands, The Jack Saints, among the 16 tracks championing the fun of hot rails. Actually not all these songs are "pro" speed. But whatevers! Also, there are tons I missed, so let me know which in the comments!!

Hey Man, I Can Fix That For You!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Lee Harvey Oswald Band

Let me take you back to a time when music was great and I was thinner, less grumpy and listened to tons of the Lee Harvey Oswald Band.
The first LHOWD album "A Taste of Prison" (which included their debut ep) was fan-fucking-tastic, but I decided to post their second CD "Blastronaut" instead. When it came out I was floored by how many people didn't give a shit. Is it the most underrated album of the '90s? For me it is, and in my retarded little blog world, my opinion is gospel!
Blastronaut is more produced and less "distorted" than A Taste of Prison, and even a great deal glammier. The pro transgender song "Morphodite" is my personal favorite (try to get that song un-stuck in your head!), and they do great covers of the Amboy Dukes and the Move on this one.
Supposedly this is Rick Sims' (of the Didjits and Gaza Strippers) side-project, though I'm not sure he ever admitted to it. On this album you can hear what sounds like his voice more than on previous records though.
Amazon says: new from $22.38 used from $56.38, so:

*UPDATE: Zowie Fenderblast is now in a band with Corey from Nashville Pussy: here

Jesus Never Lived on Mars

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Various: King Solomon's Goldmine

I bought this back in 1995, and it's one of the best "various artists" rock comps I've ever gotten.
Bands include: Rose Tattoo, Geordie, Atomic Rooster, Plasmatics, Yardbirds, Amon Duul II, The Herd, Budgie, Humble Pie and more!

Rock 'n' Roll is King

Spike Jones


"Me and my mate were back at the shack we had Spike Jones on the box..."

OK, I have loved this record since I was in 1st grade. They had it at the public library and I listened to it over and over again. I finally bought it on vinyl about 5 years ago. It was gonna be my rip for halloween, but the stereo effects on this record did NOT translate to the computer well. I tried my turntable's USB port, I tried RCA jacks to 1/8 inch jack, headphone jack to input jack (all stereo cables) and nada.
Well, I give up. If you like this, then just track down the actual album (which we all do anyway, right?) cause it is 100x better. Or if you have a better rip, send it my way!

Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Death SS

Italy's Death SS were started way back in 1977 by Paul Chain (music and lyrics) and Steve Sylvester (lyrics). The short of it is that Sylvester left in 1982, then Paul Chain broke the group up in '84.
Forward to 1988, Steve Sylvester starts up Death SS without Paul (as none of anything has been copyrighted) and still keeps Death SS going to this day.
I love the first three post-Paul Death SS records, but nothing beats the raw early shit. This CD has original (and superior) versions of Zombie, Terror, Cursed Mama (sounding damn near a KBD punk song!), Horrible Eyes (total Melvins-meet-Regan Youth sounding version!), etc...
Aside from all this, Death SS had the best LP covers. Google "Heavy Demons" and "...In Death of Steve Sylvester" if you don't believe me.
Paul Chain's current band's mySpace page is here. they only have 2 friends, and I doubt he gives a shit.
I don't see this for sale anywhere online, so here:

Nazi Babies With Cadaver Eyes

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Laughing Hyenas

Ann Arbor's Laughing Hyenas were one of my favorite bands in the very early '90s (though they started up in '85, I arrived late).
Featuring John Brannon of Negative Approach (and and Larissa Strickland of L-seven), They were one of the few "ex-member-of-hardcore-band-makes-new-band" that did it right. Teaming up with future Mule members Kevin Munro and Jim Kimball, Laughing Hyenas played some great drug fueled noisy blues rock.
"You Can't Pray a Lie" and "Life of Crime" are really the "classic" albums for me, but their last record "Hard Times" was totally underrated. Maybe people lost some interest when they got a whole new rhythm section (ex-Necros members Todd Swalla and Kevin Reis), who knows? I saw them play a pretty lackluster set at the Jabberjaw this tour, but this last record still remains one of my favorites (and also their bluesiest and catchiest).
John sings for another good band called Easy Action but unfortunately Larissa died from a Xanex overdose a couple years ago.

Learning Is My Heroin!

Ghetto Ways


My band met Brooklyn's "Ghetto Ways" when we happened to play with each other in M√ľnster and Ljubljana while on tour a few years ago. We hit it off and dug each others bands (at least they said they liked our band). They never toured the states but had built up a pretty good following around Europe — and for good reason.
Live, the Ghetto Ways were all about catchy songs and super high-energy shows; great dirty guitar playing and an unbelievable drummer. If the Bell-Rays were on In The Red they might sound a little like this...but then again the Ghetto Ways were doing their own thing. Plus Jenna, the singer, and I bonded on Dinosaur Jr and Sebadoh so that means they're OK in my book.
Here are both records which you can only get in the states used or as imports. Last I heard Jenna moved to Germany, but if they do ever play again, go check em out!

Get Down on the Git Down

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I listened to bands like Crimpshrine, Operation Ivy and Fifteen a lot between 1989-1993. Even today most of it still holds up for me. Especially Fifteen's second LP, Choice of a New Generation.
I noticed that this CD is going for $39-$49 from greedy fuckers on Amazon, so I thought I'd post Mr. Ott's best work.

Petroleum Distillation

Monday, October 26, 2009

Fu Manchu


**Update: Good news everybody! Fu Manchu has some anniversary releases planned, including some unreleased say goodbye to this link!**

I know I recently posted some Fu Manchu, but I've been busy and already had this - their debut 7" - ripped onto my hard drive.
This single was the first thing I heard and first thing I bought by Fu Manchu though they may have had a second 7" out at the time.
The lineup had changed by the time I saw them live though, with Scott Hill taking over lead vocals, and a more "California vibe" happening in their music. I prefer the slightly later stuff actually, but this slow, dirgy single is still a classic.

no mas!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Frogs

After Aesop's post of "Racially Yours" and Adam's threat to post "It's Only Right and Natural", I thought I'd post the other classic Frogs album. It also happens to be my favorite.
In the same way "I've Got Drugs" from the Frog's first record made it's way onto many mixtapes, I was a fan of adding "Where's Jerry Lewis" and "Children Run Away (The Man with the Candy)" from "My Daughter the Broad" when the record came out.
This was the last record I really liked by them. The Billy Corgan produced "Starjob" came out, and I wasn't really into their attempt at Glam rock (Lee Harvey Oswald band did that thing much better).
I only have one Frogs story. I went to Lalapalooza to see the Frogs and the Boredoms because MTV said they were playing the side stage. When I got there, the bands had been replaced mid tour with Stereolab and Cypress Hill. I was fucking depressed. But Nick Cave was pretty decent, Shonen Knife played and we went to see Fitz of Depression in Hollywood later.

I sold my CD to pay for my grandmother's sex change operation, and only still have the first CD and a 7" so it's not my rip this time.

God Is Gay


Raven is one of the best rock bands of all time and this is my favorite album by them.
My LP scans are included but this isn't my rip. Figured might as well upload the OOP CD version with bonus tracks!

Rock Until You Drop!


One of my favorites! Formed in 1979 in Essex, here's their classic NWOBHM ep from '84.
Unlike everything else I post I don't actually own this rare gem, but I've been listening to it a lot lately so what the hell.

The Fox

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Tight Bros From Way Back When


The Tight Bros were an amazing band live and recorded, and nothing summed up their Rose Tattoo-ish cocksure rock than their debut 7" ep.
It kinda pisses me off that Jarred has never been in a bad band in his life. I almost want the guy to utterly fail at something, but having been in the Whip, the Melvins, Karp and Big Business, that asshole is unstoppable.
The only thing that would make this 7" better is a school bell.

Freighty Cat

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Dukes of Burl

Cassette Rip (Split into 15 Tracks)

When I was 18 or 19 ('90-'91 ish) I went up to Olympia and Seattle. In Olympia I saw an amazing show at the Capital Theater of Unwound/Giant Henry, Some Velvet Sidewalk, Kicking Giant and a great garage-mod-surf band called "Dukes of Burl".
After the show I wanted a tape, so the bass player took me back to his pad (or place he was staying I can't remember) and dubbed me their demo (over a "James Gang" tape I had recently got at a record store "grab bag").
That bass player was John Quitty who was also in Honey Bear, Brent's TV, Tight Bros From Way Back When, Behead the Prophet, and did Hession Obsession zine. Also in the band was future Hi-Fives members John Denery and Chris Imlay, and drummer Greg).
When I got back home I decided I wanted to move to Olympia; literally everyone was cool as hell and welcoming. I met punks and skaters who also loved black coffee, and saw Melvins graffiti on alley walls. I got an issue of "Pulp" fanzine and it instantly became my new favorite zine. I never did move, and a couple years later Olympia was the "new place to be" and I heard the locals were less friendly to "outsiders". Understandably so. Thanks "Sassy".
I still kept this demo and the sticker I got at the show...and the Pulp fanzine. I also tattooed the K records logo on myself when I got home. What an impressionable youth I was, eh?
Anywho, fans of Hi-Fives, Phantom Surfers, Odd Numbers, monster movies, Groovie Ghoulies, POTA marathons, Buzzcocks, the Jam or just watching Ray Harryhausen films on a Sunday afternoon...check it out!

Shimmy Shake

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fu Manchu (Live Desert Party!)


***Update: Good news everybody! Fu Manchu has some anniversary releases planned, including some unreleased things...and possibly a few tracks from this party I recorded! so say goodbye to the link, and sorry if you missed the boat!

I recorded this back in 1992 I think. It took place in my friend Brian Maloney's backyard in Bermuda Dunes, CA. There's been a lot of talk of "desert parties" so let me say that they were going on before I started going to shows and long before Kyuss/Sons of Kyuss/Katzenjammer.
Unlike most generator parties in the middle of nowhere under the "stars and sprawling dunes", this one was in a back yard -or side yard maybe. It's hazy. Fu Manchu came down to play the desert a bunch back then and I was really into them. I think this was the first time I saw them with Eddie Glass. It's pretty great when Scott announces "this is a new one" and then breaks into Ojo Rojo.
I split this recording into 2 tracks. The first track is some local yammering, being three friends of mine (all named John strangely enough) with various drunken behavior in the background - I still remember that story of John beating up the tweaker who was stealing sprinkler heads in his front yard . The second track is the show - complete with some tuning issues and whatever else. It was a party! Everyone was drunk, stoned and/or on crank.

Pinball Summer

El Don
Don't Bother Knockin' (If This Van's Rockin')

Shine it On
Kept Between Trees


Pick Up Summer

Ojo Rojo
Summer Girls (Free and Easy)

Space Sucker

Senioritis Vankhana (Rollin' Rooms)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Rainy Day Mushroom Pillow (A Blog the Jerk! Comp)

It's raining hard here at Blog the Jerk! HQ (San Francisco), so I thought I'd make a rainy day comp for the few to no people who care.
Most of the songs deal with rain or bad weather, but a few are just songs that sound good when you're indoors and it's gray out.
It's a really mellow comp - aside from a few tracks- so make some tea or coffee grog, pick up a book and enjoy your heater.

Rainy Day in June - The Kinks
Sound of the Rain - The Dils
In the City in the Rain (with Lou Barlow) - The 6ths
Rainy Day Mushroom Pillow - Strawberry Alarm Clock
Turn on Your Radio - Harry Nilsson
Carpet Of The Sun - Renaissance
Somewhere Far Away - Dead Moon
Where The Rainbow Ends - Television Personalities
Look at the Rain - Meat Puppets
Flowers In The Rain - Nancy Sinatra
Sitting by the Window - Moby Grape
Wait for the Rain - David Hess
Buckets of Rain - Bob Dylan
One More Rainy Day - Deep Purple
See The Sky About To Rain - Neil Young
It's Raining - Irma Thomas
Standing In The Rain - Husker Du
Water Wings - Superchunk
Camden Town Rain - Mary Lou Lord
Blue Turns To Grey - Rolling Stones
Looking For A Rainbow - Talulah Gosh
Hurry Sundown - The Bubble Puppy
Send Down The Rain - Brother Claude Ely
The Goldheart Mountaintop Queen Directory - Guided By Voices
Eastern Rain - Fairport Convention
Last Rose Of Summer - Judas Priest
I Wish It Would Rain - The Temptations
Brand - New - Life - Young Marble Giants
I Can't Stop The Rain - Peter Criss/KISS
Out In The Rain - Died Pretty
The Big Gray Sky - Merrell Fankhauser & H.M.S Bounty
I Hear The Rain - Violent Femmes
Rainbow Chaser - Nirvana (UK)
Streets of London - Mary Hopkin
Rain Dance - Das Damen
Little Miss Sunshine (Little Miss Rain) - Lee Hazlewood
A Message To A Pretty - Love
Pure - The Lightning Seeds
Lady Day and John Coltrane - Gil Scott-Heron
The Wind - Yusuf Islam/Cat Stevens (live)
May Rain I - Sand
It's A Rainy Day, Sunshine Girl - Faust
The Darkness That Embrace Me - Immortal
It's A Rainy Day, Sunshine Girl - Faust
I Can See Clearly - Screeching weasel
Are You Ready for the Summer - The Camp North Star Kids Chorus

Part 1 (tracks 1-24)
Part 2 (tracks 25-45)

Sunday, October 11, 2009



I love me some Goblin. My cat was named Goblin. This here is a disco remix ep credited as "Simonetti Pignatelli Morante" (with Dario lookin pretty snazzy on the cover).It was a thrift store score from the early '90s that I paid a whopping .69 cents for! Now you guys can get it for even less...

Mater Tenebrarum
(scans included. Front cover and back cover are the same)

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Believe it or not, this EP changed my life. OK, well it at least was the catalyst that pushed me into harder metal than the KISS, AC/DC and Twisted Sister I was listening to at the time. This was 1986, and I was starting to get sucked in to the darker side of metal with LPs such as Venom's "Possessed" and Impaler's "Rise of the Mutants" - And getting more into punk and hardcore. I was well on my way to becoming a little hellion.
Impaler were and are still from Minnesota. Singer Bill Lindsey with his semi-Rozz Williamsy spits, growls and screams keeps the band alive 25 years on, releasing several LPs, a couple DVDs and playing scores of live shows for those lucky enough to catch 'em.
I picked up their tape "If We Had Brains...We'd Be Dangerous" when I was in 10th grade and into all things punkrock and saw that Bob Mould produced the record. You can tell these guys like some punk - especially bands like the Plasmatics.
I know Jay Loudmouth has some good Impaler stories, but for now here's a record that meant a lot to me a long time ago.

Shock Rock
(includes LP scans)

Friday, October 9, 2009


"Thrash With Class!"
...Or so says the sticker on the cover of this forgotten Slayer-inspired "classic". EXE were formed in 1984 in New York and released two LPs before calling it quits.
There's some pretty cool songs on this LP, and some hilarious band photos (scans included). Halfway through though it gets a little generic ― OK let's face it, it's all a little generic ― but they got the chops and there's some cool hooky parts to make it worth some listening.
EXE released a second LP with corny pre-juggalo clown themed art. It's a thrashier record with a different singer, but I like this one better.

Metal Hell

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

All Apologies: A Japanese Tribute to Nirvana

I thought Nirvana were OK. Overrated. "They're no Melvins or Jesus Lizard" I used to proclaim. Yeah yeah yeah, anyways I may not have been the hugest Nirvana fan, but I am a big fan of "Engrish", and this CD is chock-full of it. Listen to "Wape me". Listen to it repeatedly and put it on comp tapes. Not all of this is as hilarious or even very good, but if you're a fan of the original material you might like it better than me -and it's slightly more listenable than the Japanese Metallica tribute. My only gripe is that someone really should have done "Been A Son" what with the whole Asian "female infanticide" angle and all - maybe if there's a volume 2...

This one isn't my rip, but I had to post it since I could only find it for sale online for 2,494 yen.

Molly's Wips