Monday, December 28, 2009


It's a shame not more people listen to the first couple Lucifer's Friend records and it's especially too bad that this pre-Lucifer's Friend album (same dudes, different name) is so hard to come by (at least for a reasonable price).
What's it sound like? Well, it's a bit mellower at times, and it's not as "proggy" as the next album, but there is some great barnstormer Rock 'n' Roll as well though. Is there anything as Earth shaking as "Ride in the Sky"? No, but "Open Up Your Mind" rocks in a B.O.C. meets The Who and later Electric Prunes kinda way, while "Everybody" sounds like Moby Grape with balls. There's some great stuff here and despite a couple throwaways, it's a pretty solid album.

Jump Into My Action

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