Monday, December 7, 2009

Just Cross

Just Cross was the band I was in in High School (we weren't a Christian band!). Before this I had started a few other bands with friends: The Fetal Pigs, Drunk and Disorderly, Ann Jillian's Breast, Naked Nuns on LSD...I remember the names but I think the bands were basically just me and a couple friends talking about starting a band and coming up with funny song titles and jaming maybe once or twice. Just Cross was the band that actually "almost played out".
This was late '87 or early '88 I think. I'm playing guitar, so was my friend Billy. Hugo was on drums, John was singing. All you can hear is vocals and drumming on this boom box recording, but I dunno, I kinda like it for it's raw fucked-upness.
I don't know if I wrote the music to this song or not, but it sounds a little like we're trying to do some kind of Dayglo Abortions thing, so maybe I did. John's singing about our friend Danny who turned into a wanna be gangster one day...

Just Cross "Throwing Rocks Through Windows"


  1. I'm not saying this is good or that you should download it BTW. But it makes me smile.

  2. Dude! This is AWESOME!!! Post more Just Cross if you have any PLEASE!!! I've just listened to this song 10 times in a row!!!

  3. haha! Never! well maybe one more sometime