Friday, December 4, 2009

The Loudmouths (Singles Collection)


When our band The Jack Saints started out, we'd been in a more Sabbath/Hawkwind influenced group down in the desert where we're from. We were listening to Fitz of Depression "give it a Twist" and the Fuckboyz "Love American Gladiator Style" ep and wanting to get back into playing more punk rock stuff. The first Jack Saints recordings were heavier and weirder than what we started sounding like after we moved to S.F., and that's largely due to our friendship and fanship of the Loudmouths.
The great thing about S.F. was that you could go see the Loudmouths or the Idiots and then go see a heavier local band like Lost Goat or Acid King and many of the same people would be there. We never made a conscious decision to drop our slower, heavier sound, but those Loudmouths shows were such a ton of crazy drunken good times, that was the scene we gravitated more towards.
If spitting, drinking, and skateboarding is your thing, check 'em out! These are all their singles, ripped for me by Beth Loudmouth. I'll prolly post their two full lengths at some point in the future.
(I included some cover art, but I couldn't find a couple of my singles)

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