Thursday, December 17, 2009

Uncle Paul


When my first bands were playing out at generator parties in the desert, Uncle Paul was one of those "eccentric older punk dudes" that would play some acoustic stuff in between bands.
His biggest claim to fame was that along with Rafe/Brian (who went on to for Polyphemus) he formed Target 13, the Posh Boy band that recorded the minor suck-up hit "Rodney on the Rocks".
This tape captures the best of Uncle Paul's songs from 1977-1991. Some of it is rough(especially the first track), some of it isn't my cup of tea, but there's some shit on here that should have been KBD classics. "Drop a Bomb" and "Night of the Living/Dead" both from 1978 are my favorites, and his 1987 rendition of "White Lightning" is also pretty great. Also noteworthy is that 1991's "I Command You to Dance" features Mario and Gary of Yawning Man. This is a tape rip, so you get Side A and Side B. Sorry, but that's how it is with tapes!

Let's Drink To Life

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