Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Some VIDEOS I filmed

Here are some shows I filmed. I uploaded bits to youtube.
Check out my video channel for more. Gonna upload a bunch of new stuff in a couple weeks. I used to film everything I went to just about...
Videos are High Quality if you hit the HQ button!

Unwound @ Jaberjaw

Kyuss @ Slant 6

Tight Bros From Way Back When @ Bottom of the Hill

Nik Turner's Space Ritual (Hawkwind)

Zoogz Rift @ Mr. T's Bowl (we drove down for his last show)



One of my favorite "noisy" punk bands of the early '90s was L.A.'s Oiler. There was a time when I could tell you the names of the people in the band, but it's been too long. Aside from this 7", they did splits with Rig and Bokomono...not sure what else they put out. They were really cool live, and the female singer used to bang on an oil drum while singing. Oiler was also one of the few L.A. bands brave enough to come down to Palm Springs for a show playing at "J.B.'s Thirsty Bull" when I was 20 years old. Actually I think Dave Gomez from "Left Insane" may have been in this band.
I like side 2 better than the A side, so if you like stuff like Pain Teens and Distorted Pony, give it all a listen!

Surrogate Spike

The Crums


Larry May from the Candy Snatchers sings vocals on these four songs -the last tune actually being the Candy Snatchers' "Haunted Road". Larry is still doing stuff with these guys as well as playing in "Born Loose" in NY, singing for another band in Long Beach, and God knows what else.

The first track on each side were of my favorite Punk/Rock 'n' Roll songs of the late '90s, so give 'er a download!

Ain't Got Shit

Orson Welles


When I was a kid my mom "forced" me to watch classic films(after she walked in on me watching the severed penis throwing scene in "Street Trash"). I protested, but it was pretty great actually. I had seen The Third Man already, but I soon saw The Trial, A Touch of Evil, The Stranger, Lady From Shanghai, and several years later, without my mom's insistence, F For Fake and Mr. Arkadin. All
That said, no one knew how to cash a paycheck in later years like Mr. Orson Welles. From hosting and narrating cheezy specials, to radio advertising (his rant on Celebrities at Their Worst is a classic), Welles' genius had either dried up, or no one dared to lose money funding his "vision".
A curious addition to all this is his blissfully short "musical career". Side A of this record is very Shatner-like, while side B doesn't seem to feature him at ALL. Bloated pretentious idiot? Genius? Don't let this shit sandwich hinder your judgment, the guy had to eat (a LOT) after all!

F For Failure

Monday, September 28, 2009



Disco Sucks!
When I was a kid, my coke-head psychopath of a step-uncle was a head honcho over at Casablanca records so I got all my KISS records for free (promos that more often than not wouldn't include the inserts, but beggars can't be choosers). One Christmas I told him the LPs I wanted and when the package came from Casablanca, they had filled it with Meco records! I never forgave Meco for that. Also I remember having a "disco sucks" iron-on shirt with an arrow going through John Travolta's head so a box of disco was nothing I'd ever want -even if the airbrushed covers looked cool.
A long time back I began to listen to a bit of disco for nostalgia and for laughs, so I picked up this old LP. It's SO good/bad I don't know where to begin. Most of you know Meco for his disco version of Star Wars, but this Wizard of Oz LP is the real prize. It's bizarre and often hilarious. The songs go into one another, so there is just a side A and B files. More info on Meco is here.

Ding-Dong The Disco's Dead

Infernal Majesty

There was a time in the early '90s when most '80s metal records would cost you from .49 cents to $3.99. Unfortunately I was too busy buying the latest Melvins and Cows records to put much thought into collecting them, but every once in a while I would see some jacket art that I just HAD to buy. Infernal Majesty was one of those.
While the norm seemed to be that the more ridiculous the band looked, the more horrid the music was, to my surprise Infernal Majesty actually played some decent Venom-esque black metal.
I found the MP3s online, but I made a TON of scans of my vinyl copy so you can see the band members in all their thunderous metallic glory.
Here is "Psychopath". With the glasses and "jewfro" I always thought he looked like the band's manager who somehow convinced them to let him play bass. Or maybe it's Corey Feldman with a wig. In any case, these Heavy Metal Hosers are still at it, so get this classic LP and then go check out their new stuff!


Sawed Off


Sawed Off was a one-shot side project with Buzz and Dale from the Melvins and Bill Bartel of White Flag doing covers of Ronsons songs. "You'll Be Taken Care Of" and "Butcher Town" to be specific. As far as I know they only played once - at the Jabberjaw in L.A. - and fortunately I was there and filmed it. I'll ask them if I can post it to youtube sometime, but in the meanwhile here's the out of print 7" on Gasatanka records. Maybe I'll post some Ronsons if I can find my cassette tape...

*Just posted the Ronsons 7/20/10

Butcher Town

Friday, September 25, 2009

Möl Triffid


I first heard of Möl Triffid when their bass player Dave joined up with the Melvins for a spell, replacing Joe Preston. I think this was just for a tour, right before Lori came back. Dave fit in pretty well with the Melvins, so when I saw a Möl Triffid single sometime later, I curiously snatched it up.
Möl Triffid were from Michigan and like a ton of other bands from MI, moved to San Fransisco for some reason or other. Guitar player Kimo Ball also played with Plainfield and now plays with Griddle and Jello Biafra's band -which is pretty hilarious since he was in Plainfield for the "Plainfield with Jello Biafra" parody -but I guess you can overlook that when you scored one of the best guitar players in the city.
Anyways, Möl Triffid play sorta dirgy noisy metal and I have another 7" I can post if anyone's interested.

Pleasure Ripped From Pain

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Slug/Unsane Split 7"


Two bands I loved and saw a fuckload of times were Slug and Unsane, and here's a great 7" of them covering each others songs originally released on PCP records.
Slug played and hung out at the Jabberjaw in L.A. a lot. Damien worked at Aaron's Records peddling weird noise and psyche albums. Slug never failed to put on an amazing show. I'll dig up their one-sidded tour 7" soon and post that too.
Unsane, some people say "were never the same after Charlie died". Bah! they were always great. I don't think I ever saw a band sweat onstage more than those New York dirtbags. All kinds of (mostly drug related) rumors used to circulate around them ― Pete Shore was kicked out because he was doing dope with Chris's girlfriend ― was one I remember. True or not, all those rumors only helped to romanticize the band in my eyes back then.
Rip includes covers.

Breathe The Thing In



I don't think I've heard a NWOBHM band that's embraced the glam rock sound as much as Vardis (especially on this album) then again I don't have a huge library of NWOBHM to reference. But I do have "Quo Vardis", and it fucking ROCKS.
Vardis started back in 1978 with the classic "100 M.P.H." EP. I've seen that one kicking around online, so search it out. "Quo Vardis" is ― I think ― their third full length. It was released in 1981, the year of "Too Fast For Love", "Killers", "Welcome To Hell", "Fire Down Under" and "Mob Rules". Maybe the glam experimentation came at the wrong time (It would be three years before Slade made their comeback with "Keep Your Hands Off MY Power Supply"). Whatever the case this Garry Glitter/Status Quo inspired album is grossly overlooked.
Rip includes scans.

The Plot To Rock The World

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Speaking of "furr", my kitty Goblin passed away from leukemia (4 years old!) and I adopted our new cat who I named Pazuzu. This is her. She is adorable and a terror. That is all.

New uploads tomorrow! I'm ripping a lot of vinyl this week


Sunday, September 20, 2009



Looking like a cross between Kiss and the Phantom of the Paradise, FURR play a mix of Black Nasty style funk, Savoy Brown sorta blues rock, freewheelin' 70s rock (good music to play Foosball to), with a couple references to black magic thrown in for good measure.
FURR had a slight tie to KISS in that their producers Kasenetz and Katz (Ohio Express, etc...) had a relationship with Neil Bogart of Buddah and Casablanca Records who also masterminded the marketing of Gene, Paul, Ace and Peter.
Sure the best thing about the album is the cover, but after the initial disappointment, I actually liked the record for what it was. If anyone has info on these guys, leave comments!

Costume Rock

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Grab Bag!


Remember cassette tape grab bags? The hope of scoring something really cool and getting 4 or 5 tapes for 5 bucks blinded you to the fact that these were cassettes they couldn't unload when customers knew what the hell they were in the first place.

Do you dare take a chance and download this cassette rip?


Scharpling and Wurster (Comedy!)

Kinda like Guided By Voices, I got into Scharpling and Wurster way too late (in my defense I got into Superchunk pretty early on).
According to Wikipedia: "Scharpling and Wurster is a long-form radio comedy duo composed of Tom Scharpling and Jon Wurster. Scharpling is a writer/producer for the USA network program, Monk. Wurster is the drummer for indie rock pioneers Superchunk and was also the drummer in The Ascended Masters, Guided by Voices vocalist Robert Pollard's solo touring band. He recently toured as the drummer for The Mountain Goats."
I heard their classic "Rock, Rot and Rule" 5 or 6 years ago and it was HILARIOUS, but that's available on it's own CD. The track that got me actually obsessed was the "Old Skull" track I heard a few months back, and that's what I am giving to you. If you're like me, you'll become obsessed and "iTunes subscribe" to WFMU podcasts and be an instant fan.
The best stuff is on their CDs, but there's some good stuff on their official web page for free HERE

"It's Pretty Smooth"

Things To Come

like my post of The Factory, this is another recommendation from my old desert friend Phil Leibert back in '91 or '93. (And if there was ever an unsung hero of "Desert Rock" it was Phil. He was/is the valley's biggest music geek and worked at the biggest music shacks preaching the gospel for years. In fact I remember him quitting his job at K-Tel because they edited a B.O.C. guitar solo on a tape they were releasing).
Anyways, Things to Come sounded like a cross between the Stones and the Seeds when I first heard 'em. A few years later I saw the Makers and thought they sounded *just* like Things to Come. Mississippi Dealer and Your Down are my favorite tracks.
Amazon has it for 42 bucks new, but some people are selling it for a more reasonable amount of bread. If you like it, score it from them and get the great multi-panel liner notes and photos! I ain't scanning 'em!


Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I think it was my friend Michael Dey who gave me a Silverhead cassette tape a decade ago. Man what a semi-forgotten gem that was. "More Than Your Mouth Can Hold" is a classic that could only be written by someone brave enough to have wed Pamela Des Barres.
I never heard Silverhead growing up, but When I was in 6th grade I did see Michael Des Barres post-Silverhead band "Chequered Past" (with Steve Jones and Clem Burke). I didn't see him again in person 'till a few years ago when he hosted the Dead Moon Q&A after their documentary in Los Angeles at the Arclight.
Anways, check out this excellent piece of glam/rock n roll. Actually thank the folks at theglorious70s, because they had already posted it and saved me the chore of ripping my vinyl.

Such A Big Boy



VS. Was Olga deVolga's band before the Lewd (Thanks to Bob Clic for giving me this great 7"!) I really don't know a whole lot else about them, but there were some great photos at Ruby Ray's "Punk Passage San Francisco First Wave Punk 1977-1981" exhibit so I decided to rip and post this. Actually that's a lie. I ripped this ages ago for alt.binaries.punk, but whatevers.
Anyone who knows more history of the band or what became of singer Heidi Familiar, leave a comment!
Also check out the Olga deVolga tribute at Punk Globe HERE

Nothing Will Stop The Power

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Hickey Vs. Voodoo Glow Skulls

Back in the early '90s I saw the Fuckboyz in L.A. at the Coconut Teazer. They were AMAZING. I moved to S.F. 6 years later and saw Aesop and Matty's new band Hickey, and while I missed the Fuckboyz doughy frontman "Seaweed", they were also really good. Even though the Fuckboyz "Love American Gladiator Style" is my favorite thing those guys ever put out, one of the funniest things I've ever heard (outside a Scharpling and Wurster bit, or the prank calls on Wool's "Budspawn" vinyl ep) has been the Hickey & Voodoo Glow Skulls 7".
Instead of uploading the mp3s, the link is to mattyluv.com where you can download everything he's ever been on for FREE. However dear readers, I did the daunting task of converting the 28 PAGE insert/zine into a PDF (without the meth and heroin Hickey was fueled by when they made it). Anyways, now you can read the hilarious tale behind the record and many more ramblings.

Long story short: Voodoo Glow Skulls were douches to Hickey; Hickey stole their trumpet; the singer of VGS left crazy threatening messages on their machine. Confused? You won't be after this weeks episode of "Soap".

Mp3s: Click "Disco" then Scroll to: Voodoo Glow Skulls / HICKEY split 7" - 1998

my PDF scans: HERE

Patty Duke

I've had many celebrity crushes in my life: Farrah Fawcett, Diana Canova ("Corinne Tate" of SOAP), Kristy McNichol, Tatum O' Neal, Marlene Dietrich, and of course, Patty Duke. I mean, who has never fantasized about those two cousins...you know....well, never mind.

In any case, here's a CD I got a ways back chock full of Patty Duke singing! It includes a few versions of the Patty Duke Show theme song, "Lonely Little in Between" and other tunes. I don't know if anyone else will like it, but it makes me happy.

Currently on Amazon for $113.82 new and $33.99 used.

A Hot Dog Makes Her Lose Control

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Lucio Fulci Tribute

I'm a huge, huge fan of Lucio Fulci's films. From my many rentals of "Gates of Hell" as a pre-teen (I finally bought the damn Paragon video big box I used to rent!) to my late teens (when I finally became aware that the director of that movie made several more gruesome horror movies) to today's DVD reissue craze (thanks Anchor Bay!) where I own as much Fulci as I can get my grubby hands on. His westerns and comedies too; bring 'em on!

I'm generally not a fan of tributes - they're OK for one or two listens - but beyond that I like listening to originals. "For Lucio Fulci- A Symphony Of Fear" on the other hand is slightly better. Many of the bands stay pretty faithful to the original score (Gwar's cover of the Zombie theme is great) and there are several tracks that are "inspired by the films of Fulci" to keep things interesting. I can't say I've played this more than 10 times, but that's about 8 times more than most tribute albums.

My wrist: L.F. for Lucio Fulci and the Eibon symbol from the Beyond.

It's going for $79.50 on Amazon as of this post, so here ya go

Liner Notes and Cover (13 mb)

Friday, September 4, 2009

Blog Bodies #2

It should be obvious I enjoy making and listening to comps. Prolly because of my short attention span. Anyways, here's my second "tribute" to Blog Bodies.

1. Tiger Trap - You and Me. Tiger Trap gets me feeling warm and fuzzy every time. It's like it's 1992 all over again.
2. Camera Obscura - Suspended From Class. Brilliant lyrics and catchy as hell. A complicated romance...
3. Sebadoh - Brand New Love. Maybe the saddest romance song ever written. And most hopeful.
4. Jawbreaker - Chesterfield King. The "Trace the little lines along her palm" always got to me...
5. Heavenly - C is the Heavenly Option. This has been on countless mix tapes since its debut. Funny and catchy.

1. The Dickies - Gigantor. The Flipside records comp version. A favorite of mine in 9th grade.
2. Cibo Matto - Sci-Fi wasabi. I love this band, but didn't get into them 'till about 5 years ago. Wish I could have seen the fun live...
3. Guided By Voices - Gold Star For Robot Boy. I got a copy of GBV's "Vampire on Titus" CD when it came out and I hated it. I missed out on who are now one of my favorite bands of all time. Idiot, idiot, idiot!
4. Dwarves - Astro Boy. The Dwarves are neither young nor good-looking, but Blood, Guts and Pussy was exactly what punk rock needed when it came out.

1. Chad & Jeremy - Yesterday's Gone. I prefer their psyche records "The Arc" and "Cabbages and Kings", but the old tunes were also great. As were their performances on the Patty Duke Show and Dick Van Dyke.
2. The Dickies - I'm on Crack. so I'm on a Dickies phase lately. Sue me. I can't think of anything more short lived than a crack high or anything that can turn someone into a transient faster. Back in my day we called it freebase.
3. The Plasmatics - Fast Food Service. Richie Stotts is the most underrated guitar player in rock music.
4. Warren Zevon - My Shit's Fucked Up. He sang about death a lot, and died way too early.

DINOSAURS (almost made the cut: Neil Young's "Thrasher")
1. Beat Happening - Teenage Caveman. The first time I had sex with my first real girlfriend we did it to a VHS copy of a Beat Happening show. On her pile of Sassy magazines. OK, kidding about the last part...mostly.
2. Dead Milkmen - Big Lizard. Not my favorite song off the BLIMBY lp, but it's dinosaury!
3. Jim Bachus - Cave Man. Just enjoy.
4. The Dictators - Savage Beat. This song is really a pro-meat song (but I like it anyway) and not about dinosaurs...but I always get the image of Fred Flinstone with the giant ribs tilting his car over when I hear this.

Bitin' Other Blogs Is The Best

(in iTunes sort by "track number")

Bad Posture

There are some punk records that you wonder, "why isn't this in print and at every Hot Topic in the country?", and then there are pieces of crap like "Frankenchrist" that are. Not that Bad Posture have an easy appeal musically or lyrically, but they WERE that good.
I was semi-obsessed with Bad Posture before ever hearing them thanks to my cousin giving me the Hardcore Punk in California book when I was 13 or 14. I knew every line to F.T.W. before ever having heard the song. After finally listening them a couple years later on the NOT SO QUIET ON THE WESTERN FRONT comp, it took some years after that before I finally heard their 12" ep and this CD discography.
My band covered "What Are We Fighting For" with our friend Rotten Ron singing for a while, a raucous song to the chords of Blitzkrieg Bop. I've also gotten to see a couple reunion shows and they were fan-fucking-tastic. 7 foot tall singer "4-Way" plays in the rock/garage rock band "Suicide King" and teaches on the East coast, the other guys keep playing in various bands such as Los Cerverceros and Goofball around the city. Guitar player Bruno was also in Flipper (for a tour or something)and the Suglords. If anyone has any Sluglords stuff, send it my way!

I'm A Hungry Glutton

Yesterday & Today

I first heard Y&T in the ealy-mid '80s on a cassette comp ("Midnight in Tokyo" and "Mean Streak") with Rock Goddess and some other bands. I liked em OK, but when I picked up their first CD some ten years later I played it non-stop.
Then Called Yesterday & Today, Bay areas Y&T played more Mountain-esque hard rock. The chorus of Game Playing Woman sounds A LOT like a Mountain song actually. After listening to the debut so much, I began to appreciate their later records more, though not my favorite kind of rock/metal in the world.
The stand out tracks here are Earthshaker (sounds a little like Montrose-meets-Molly Hatchet to me), Fast Ladies (Very Slow Gin), and Game Playing Woman, so check em out.
According to Amazon: New from $79.98 and used from $45.00. What the hell?? Check it out here instead 'till someone with brains puts it back in print and remasters it!