Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I think it was my friend Michael Dey who gave me a Silverhead cassette tape a decade ago. Man what a semi-forgotten gem that was. "More Than Your Mouth Can Hold" is a classic that could only be written by someone brave enough to have wed Pamela Des Barres.
I never heard Silverhead growing up, but When I was in 6th grade I did see Michael Des Barres post-Silverhead band "Chequered Past" (with Steve Jones and Clem Burke). I didn't see him again in person 'till a few years ago when he hosted the Dead Moon Q&A after their documentary in Los Angeles at the Arclight.
Anways, check out this excellent piece of glam/rock n roll. Actually thank the folks at theglorious70s, because they had already posted it and saved me the chore of ripping my vinyl.

Such A Big Boy


  1. Mike, dude I have this on vinyl and I dont think I have ever lisented to it,ha ha.
    I getting it from you right now though.
    Speaking of DEAD MOON, do you have that ZIPPER album, fred was on? I really dug it.

  2. yeah, I got the Zipper reissue LP.

    I know how it goes with getting something and never getting around to listening to it!

  3. Gotta be one of the disturbing covers of all time

    But what a good rock and roll record!

    Thanks for sharing....

  4. Thanks for stopping by and posting!