Monday, September 28, 2009



Disco Sucks!
When I was a kid, my coke-head psychopath of a step-uncle was a head honcho over at Casablanca records so I got all my KISS records for free (promos that more often than not wouldn't include the inserts, but beggars can't be choosers). One Christmas I told him the LPs I wanted and when the package came from Casablanca, they had filled it with Meco records! I never forgave Meco for that. Also I remember having a "disco sucks" iron-on shirt with an arrow going through John Travolta's head so a box of disco was nothing I'd ever want -even if the airbrushed covers looked cool.
A long time back I began to listen to a bit of disco for nostalgia and for laughs, so I picked up this old LP. It's SO good/bad I don't know where to begin. Most of you know Meco for his disco version of Star Wars, but this Wizard of Oz LP is the real prize. It's bizarre and often hilarious. The songs go into one another, so there is just a side A and B files. More info on Meco is here.

Ding-Dong The Disco's Dead


  1. oh wow, thanks, i used to have this record and, yeah wow is it weird. my favorite part is "poppies will put them to sleep..." that went on many a drug-addled mix-tape.

  2. Do you have or do you know where I can find MECO's "Star Trek" LP? I remember this as a promo only from the early 80's (This was from STTMP)

    Thank You!