Friday, September 4, 2009

Bad Posture

There are some punk records that you wonder, "why isn't this in print and at every Hot Topic in the country?", and then there are pieces of crap like "Frankenchrist" that are. Not that Bad Posture have an easy appeal musically or lyrically, but they WERE that good.
I was semi-obsessed with Bad Posture before ever hearing them thanks to my cousin giving me the Hardcore Punk in California book when I was 13 or 14. I knew every line to F.T.W. before ever having heard the song. After finally listening them a couple years later on the NOT SO QUIET ON THE WESTERN FRONT comp, it took some years after that before I finally heard their 12" ep and this CD discography.
My band covered "What Are We Fighting For" with our friend Rotten Ron singing for a while, a raucous song to the chords of Blitzkrieg Bop. I've also gotten to see a couple reunion shows and they were fan-fucking-tastic. 7 foot tall singer "4-Way" plays in the rock/garage rock band "Suicide King" and teaches on the East coast, the other guys keep playing in various bands such as Los Cerverceros and Goofball around the city. Guitar player Bruno was also in Flipper (for a tour or something)and the Suglords. If anyone has any Sluglords stuff, send it my way!

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  1. I actually got to meet 4-Way at a party and we talked for a long time about the Bad Posture days. Fascinating stories and really nice guy. I also was somewhat obsessed with them after reading Hardcore California. I bought this CD at Headline Records shortly before I moved to NY.