Thursday, September 24, 2009

Slug/Unsane Split 7"


Two bands I loved and saw a fuckload of times were Slug and Unsane, and here's a great 7" of them covering each others songs originally released on PCP records.
Slug played and hung out at the Jabberjaw in L.A. a lot. Damien worked at Aaron's Records peddling weird noise and psyche albums. Slug never failed to put on an amazing show. I'll dig up their one-sidded tour 7" soon and post that too.
Unsane, some people say "were never the same after Charlie died". Bah! they were always great. I don't think I ever saw a band sweat onstage more than those New York dirtbags. All kinds of (mostly drug related) rumors used to circulate around them ― Pete Shore was kicked out because he was doing dope with Chris's girlfriend ― was one I remember. True or not, all those rumors only helped to romanticize the band in my eyes back then.
Rip includes covers.

Breathe The Thing In

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  1. Damn! And I thought I owned everything by Slug! Well, I guess I do now...