Thursday, September 17, 2009

Things To Come

like my post of The Factory, this is another recommendation from my old desert friend Phil Leibert back in '91 or '93. (And if there was ever an unsung hero of "Desert Rock" it was Phil. He was/is the valley's biggest music geek and worked at the biggest music shacks preaching the gospel for years. In fact I remember him quitting his job at K-Tel because they edited a B.O.C. guitar solo on a tape they were releasing).
Anyways, Things to Come sounded like a cross between the Stones and the Seeds when I first heard 'em. A few years later I saw the Makers and thought they sounded *just* like Things to Come. Mississippi Dealer and Your Down are my favorite tracks.
Amazon has it for 42 bucks new, but some people are selling it for a more reasonable amount of bread. If you like it, score it from them and get the great multi-panel liner notes and photos! I ain't scanning 'em!


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