Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Factory

Back in 1992 I got a job at a local record store and this guy Phil, an ex-employee, would come in and order records all the time. He must have been in his late 30s back then and had slaved in record stores for years. I remember buying the Group Sex LP from him as a kid and his breaking into a loud, happy chorus of "World Up My Ass" in front of my mom.
Anyways, he made me many a tape in those days (Can, Faust, Things To Come, Acid Visions Comp, etc...) but the one I played the most was Lowell George and the Factory.
What little I ever heard of Little Feat never did anything for me, but George's earlier psychedelic band wrote some great songs (one later ripped off by the Chesterfield Kings). Aside from the Beefheart sounding "Lightning Rod Man", and a few bluesier bonus tracks, The Factory were melodic and catchy as hell. You may also have seen them perform on an episode of F-Troop.

Black Protruding Tongues


  1. This blog is alot of fun.....i saw you mention a band of yours......what band would that be?????

  2. I play in a band called The Jack Saints, though we quit playing live as of last month.