Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Skate Rock: a Blog The Jerk! comp

Me, around 18 years old circa 1990

On rare occasions some lame-O or other will ask me: "what are you?". Instead of telling them to go fuck themselves like I should, my response has always been a polite: "I'm an aging skater".
I think that pretty much sums up who I am and what my musical tastes are. If it sounds good out of a boom box while you session the curb you dragged up to the top of a wash: it's golden.
Because of back problems and sheer laziness I didn't skate for a while, and then when I did I sucked worse than ever and decided to take up surfing. I still make plans to go to the not-so-new-now skate park, and I still have a love for all the old skate videos I grew up with -especially their soundtracks.
Feeling nostalgic tonight, I decided to make everyone a comp featuring some of my favorite skate songs. A couple I never had except on VHS and a few things I only had on tape and are long gone, so I had to scour the internet for what I needed. The Cry song I bought online for .99 cents. Normally I own the CD or Vinyl of everything I post, but this is an exception.
Many of the songs here are featured in old skate vids. New Deal (promo and Useless Wooden Toys)and H-Street (Shackle Me Not and Hokus Pokus) being my faves at the time. Speed Freaks from Santa Cruz, and The SST driven Savanah Slamma III being very cool as well. Other songs are from Thrasher Skate Rock comps, some are just things we used to skate to like ST and RKL.
This comp won't mean as much to you as it would to the skaters around my age who'd play the same fIREHOSE tape for 4 hours straight while trying to get a trick down...but hopefully you'll find some tunes you like. Crack open a can of Bud or Jolt cola and take a listen...

BANDS: drunk injuns, mcrad, the odd numbers, minutemen, tar babies, husker du, SWA, sub society, ancestors: gods of sound, wonderful broken thing, milk, descendents, JFA, 8 days a week, wonderful broken thing, dinosaur jr, screaming lord salba, the cry, los olvidados, kirk and the jerks, deep wound, plaid retina, ST, the D.I.'s, RKL
*note: the ancestors gods of sound song is 15 min long because there's a bonus track at the end. Sorry!
Wheels of Fire

Me again. Weak "slob air" on my old ramp


  1. The hippies, THEY HATE US!!!

  2. I usually hate skate rock, but your stuff isn't so terrible. I still hate skateboarders though...

  3. wow! this sure digs up some memories! thanks!

  4. The shot of you clearing the hydrant is legend - it should make you smile when you're 80 ;0)

  5. Cool photos....been skating a lot this past year,so many bowls/concrete parks here in Texas,how can you not???? Carvin' and Grindin'...."Gearing up for what they call getting down."-Neil Blender/Speed Freaks.