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Polyphemus •October 19, 2008

These guys were friends of ours back in Palm Springs in the early 90s. During the begining of the whole “Kyuss” thing, these guys were signed to Beggers Benquet records and were my absolute favorite band (aside from the Melvins and Dinosaur Jr and Hawkwind…)

The singer Brian/Ref played in an old Punk band from the desert called Target 13 that got some acclaim for doing the song “Rodney on the Roq” back in the 80s.

Brain and his wife Elvira took tons of really good acid, lived in “midget town” -in one of the midget sized houses in the desert hills that were originally built for the midgets who acted in the Wizard of Oz! (seriously, it was an amazing place where you had to crouch and all the doors and windows were lower than “normal” houses.)

Here is their old house

the roof was great for getting wasted on when I was 20 years old… (it used to be WAY greener with gardens all around it)

If you like stuff like the later Pretty Things (SF Sorrow era), the psychedelic era of Chad and Jeremy, and early Who…with punk rock Husker Du style spirit, then give this a listen. This is their first CD, recorded on a tascam 8 track produced by the band. They released one more BB CD, then a few more on their own.

you can hear their latest psyche weirdness here

Out of Print CD price: $0.48 to $19.99 on Amazon as of post.

Your Kind Turn Me All Around

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