Thursday, July 23, 2009

Last House on the Left

What can I say about Last House on the Left? It was my favorite horror movie in high school, in fact I found lyrics to a song called "Last House on the Left" I had written in 9th grade that I recycled to write a tribute song 5 years ago.
I posted that song in the second link.
The soundtrack to LHOTL, performed and written by star David Hess, doesn't sound like your typical horror movie soundtrack. Some of It's folky, some fun and frivolous, some funky, and yes, a couple tracks are a little eerie. The juxtaposition of the 60s folk music with what is happening on screen is one of LHOTL's successful elements. It is also why many people get the feeling that, like "Altamont", the film symbolizes the end of the "peace and love" hippy generation. Director Wes Craven has said that the film's grittiness had a lot to do with what was happening in the world at the time, the Vietnam war being a large part of it. David Hess's soundtrack drives that point home splendidly, and also adds touches of humor in the right places. Take a listen, then go to Mr. Hess's website to buy his music and check out the new films he's featured in!

Piss Your Pants

The Jack Saints "Last House on the Left"


  1. This film is pretty amazing. Even today it feels fresh and surprising, even for the horror genre.