Sunday, July 5, 2009


Sometimes you read so much about an album that when you finally hear it, there's no way it could possible live up to your hopes. Such was the case when I bought and listened to this Harumi disc. I'm probably doing it a great injustice, but aside from a few really stand-out tracks, many of the songs are too slick/radio friendly for me -even with Tom Wilson at the helm of the recording.
That being said, the last two tracks (Or the 2nd LP of the original double album)are much different: a haunting 24 minute psychedelic Japanese folk jam and an 18 minute go-go freak out -both with spoken word narration. The first one gets tedious and the second, while fun for a while, gets pretty annoying as well.
Overall, it's worth checking out for the few gems. Who knows? Maybe you'll like it more than me.

Arigato Gozaimasu


  1. Tnx so much man!

    i really dig the Har.rar name

  2. No problem! glad SOME of my links are still working!