Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sugartooth •October 19, 2008

More friends of ours from the early 90s. I think Nick (from our band) contacted these guys from Los Angles through MRR or Flipside. At the time they had a 7″ out, but unknown to us they were working out a deal with DGC for a full on fancy major label release.

These guys were cool as shit; they were fans of Husker Du, Adam Ant, Budgie, Sabbath, old country and whatever else. Plus they got our old band some shows in L.A. (we even opened up for Korn at a “rock for choice” event! *blurgh*”).

Anyways, I always thought this CD was way underrated, and now hopefully more people can listen to it. With crap like STP, and Alice in Chains selling millions, real and good bands like the Obsessed and Sugartooth got the shaft and written off by the majors. In fact I think the Obsessed got dropped around this time and had their European tour canceled weeks before they were set to go.

Tim the guitar player left before the second Sugartooth CD and formed “Speedbuggy”. Joey (who was on the second Wasted Youth LP) joined Danzig. Bevis and Butthead played the video for “Sold My Fortune” (where you can see a young me wearing a “Warlock Pichers last show” t-shirt). Where does the time go?

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