Monday, July 6, 2009



Three great things happened in 1972: I was born, J Edgar Hoover died, and WÜRM began their tremulous career. This first incarnation lasted 'till 1978, and while they did record an album, their record label failed to pay the studio and their tape was sadly erased over. What may have been the most amazing record of all time was lost forever.
Fortunately for us, some years later Black Flag went through a legal battle with their record label and Chuck Dukowski had time for his old band once again. Reforming from 1982-'83 with new singer Siman Smallwood, they recorded the great SST 7" (my first exposure to them was on the "7 Inch Wonders of the World" cassette comp), the LP "Feast" (though shelved 'till 1985), and played some assumably awe-inspiring shows. Unfortunately for friends and fans of their great guitar player, Ed Danky OD'd in 1991.

Drums: Lou Hinzo (Loud Lou, His Loudness)
Guitar: Edward Danky
Vocals: Siman Smallwood (Dead Hippy)
Bass: Chuck Dukowski

I Guess You'll Have To BÜRN!


  1. Awesome! This record is damn near impossible to find. Good One!