Thursday, July 9, 2009

Toner Low

When my band played in Den Haag, Holland, the group we opened for had stuff for sell from other bands (as bands often do). Being in a van for hours a day on tour, I wanted to get a new CD to drown out my idiot bandmates on the long drives ahead. For some reason I picked up the Toner Low CD, and the girl selling it said they were "a little like Sleep". Perhaps it was just her cute accent, but I was sold. The next day we played this CD over and over again...and throughout the whole tour. It's heavy as all hell; I played it at work and it actually knocked one of the speakers off the wall. It's not so much like Sleep actually, but it is very slow and doomy. You can tell these guys are into some good shit, and they manage to sound like a lot of heavy bands without sounding like anyone in particular.
From what I've read these guys are from Leiden and have been at it since 1998. Check it out, and For the full effect track down the actual CD and all their other recorded thingamajigs.


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