Sunday, July 5, 2009

Phantom’s Divine Comedy •October 19, 2008

I picked this gem up on CD when I was working at “Werehouse Records” in Palm Springs and we got a shittonne of CDs and cardboard display from a company called “One Way” (who later Roy Loney told me was a bootleg company). In any case, I must have bought 20 of those CDs…SRC, Flamin’ Groovies “Teenage Head”, Hawkwind, Cirith Ungol, Bonzo Dog Band…and this one: Phantom’s Divine Comedy. I still don’t know what the proper title is, and the musicians are credited to “X”, “W”, “Y”, and “Phantom”.

Later during the dawning of the practical age of internet usage, I read that there were rumors of Jim Morrison still being alive and this record was a gimmick to capitalize on that. Then a couple years later, I read that the vocalist for this record is none other than Iggy Pop! What is the truth? No fucking idea, but I haven’t heard of any reunion tours. My guess is that this is a bunch of studio musicians doing Doors music with satanic bent lyrics…but who knows? Morrison’s grave might be dug up soon due to its lease expiring…we’ll see how light that coffin is…

CD price: up to $59.99 on Amazon as of post

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  1. Well, I'll tell you... I've dug thru the web to look into this myself; the story that seems to be taken most often as true is that the band was comprised of drummer John Bdanjeck, singer/guitarist Tom Carson, bassist Dennis Craner, keyboardist Mike DeMartino and guitarist Gary Meisner originally based out of Michigan -- There are at least two other albums this same band released... one was under a different name 'The Happy Dragon Band' and the other is sometimes referred to as the 'lost album'. You can get hold of both the other albums here:

    and here:

    The Divine Comedy is really the best of the 3, imo.