Sunday, July 5, 2009

Pure Hell •March 27, 2009

Formed circa 1974 in Philadelphia, Dead Boys-esque Pure Hell were not only the first all-black band in the punk rock scene, they were possibly the most energetic and acrobatic. They used to play shows at Max's with their buddies the NY Dolls and must have stole the show every night. If you need further convincing, find and buy this CD and the included (amazing) live DVD.

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  1. holy shit this rules, i've never even heard of this band and it's kind opf exactly what i want to hear, thanks dude. this is a cool blog i got a few things i really like. i've been doing one too but haven't posted anything in a while due to lack of internets at my home, but check it out anyway if yer bored or whatever.
    oh and my radio show...
    later, jason

  2. Thanks for the links and thanks for checking out the blog!