Friday, July 24, 2009

Last Rites/Negative FX

Regardless of what you think of former singer Choke, ("Right now, I'm on a big anti-freak thing. I would like to make hardcore a thing that I could take my mother to and not be embarrassed. It's about time these fuckin' kids with triple mohawks and dyed orange hair fuckin' got their shit together, grew up and fuckin' got a job and became human beings.") and whether or not you're a Slapshot fan, Last Rites and Negative FX wrote some great hardcore in their short lifespan.
After Cosmic Hearse posted the worst record ever recorded by a hardcore band, I thought I'd cleanse my palette by posting this comp of 2 great Choke-fronted bands. If you like hardcore and haven't heard these records, or if you like stuff like Limecell and Cocknoose (I always thought those bands sounded a bit like Last Rites), check it out.
As a bonus, listen to Dinosaur Jr's tribute to their Boston hardcore roots covering the Last Rites classic, "Chunks".
CD currently $38 - $99 used on Amazon.

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Dinosaur Jr. "Chunks"

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  1. I love these albums and Slapshot. Your dead on with the cocknoose comparison.I was thinking of posting D.Y.S today,what the fuck!