Thursday, July 30, 2009

Blog Bodies

One of my new favorite Mp3 blogs is "Blog Bodies", a blog where the blog contributors are given a theme, and they have to pick a song that they think of when they think of that theme. So far they have done birth; summer; food and pets.
Aside from the occasional unbearable track, the frustrating thing is that I always think of songs that I think should be on the list can you not think of Jonathan Richman's "Summer Feeling" in the summer?? Anyway, I decided I couldn't take it anymore, so here are my picks for their themes up 'till now. I did around three for each to make the download worth it.

0. Are You Ready For the Summer? - Meatballs soundtrack
Just because it's the most summertime movie ever. This song practically says so.
1. Summer Feeling - Kicking Giant.
I saw these guys in Olympia with Unwound, Dukes of Burl and Some Velvet Sidewalk back in 1990. They were great, and so is the album "Boyfriend Girlfriend" where this cover tune came from.
2. Wild in the Streets - Circle Jerks.
"In the heat of the summer better call up a plumber". You can't write a more summery line than that. All these years later and I still haven't heard the original song. I'll look for it later.
3. Girl - Beck.
I stopped listening to Beck a long, long time ago but every once in a while I'll hear a song I really like in a store somewhere and it's a Beck song. I was obsessed with this tune for a few weeks during a hot L.A. summer. "My summer girl...hey."

The theme to "Bad News Bears in Breaking Training" is my #1 choice, but I can't find an mp3. If you're as old as me, this will bring a smile to your face:


1. Mary - Lou Barlow
A song about the "most important birth in history", and Lou sings about what probably happened if there actually was a Jesus: "Immaculate conception -yeah right!" A great, catchy tune.
2. I'll Live Yesterdays - Lee Hazlewood
I *think* this song is about Lee's ex having an abortion. I'm not sure, but when I think of babies, I think of aborting them...and this song.
The other songs that come to mind are too cheezy or too popular to include here (unless you want Elvis or the Sex Pistols)

1. 'Em - ANTiSEEN
Maybe it's strange that having been a vegan for 10 years and a vegetarian for 10 years before that, that I'd like this song and love this band. But I do. And you should as well.
2. Lee Scratch Perry - Favorite Dish
For some reason this song just makes me wanna eat. I feel like a papaya or some plantains when I hear it. Lee Scratch Perry has put out some crap, but he's still a genius.
3. Dear John - Eugene Kelly
Does Starbucks count as food? Here's a great anti-Starbucks (and McDonalds in the last line) song. The only all acoustic number on Eugene Kelly's (the Vaselines and Eugenius) solo record.
4. Have a Cup of Tea - The Kinks
To go with the anti-coffee song, here's a great pro-tea song from the Kinks.

1. The Ballad of Daykitty - Lou Barlow
TWO fucking Lou Barlow songs on this short comp?! That's like the taboo of all comps. Fuck it though, both tunes are great and this is the GREATEST pet song EVER. Fuck off.
2.Old King - Neil Young
This reminds me of working at a record store when I was in my early 20s more than a pet, but it's a great tribute to a great dog.
3. Old Blue - The Byrds
Not one of the best Byrds songs in the world, but it is from their most underrated album "Dr. Byrds and Mr. Hyde".


Monday, July 27, 2009

Dee Dee King

This record has undoubtedly been on tons of blogs, and chances are you’ve already heard it (and probably hated it) years ago, but I love “Standing in the Spotlight” (though I didn’t when I bought it for $2.99 20 years ago), so I’m posting this goddamn golden turd, like it or not.

By 1989, I had lost interest in what the Ramones were doing. I did buy Brain Drain and liked their cover of Chuck Barris's "Palisades Park". A couple other tunes were OK to me, like "Zero Zero UFO"…but in general, I only played their old stuff. Around this time when MTV filmed Dee Dee on a shopping spree trying on suits and talking about his rap career, and it was like a knife was plunged into my very own “poison heart”. Rap? Fashion? In retrospect, I think that it was pretty rad.

According to his book, Dee Dee got turned on to rap from people at his AA meetings, and decided to take a crack at it. Why not? It would piss off Johnny! He admits in the book that he wasn’t a good rapper…but he gave it a shot, right? Only a guy like Dee Dee would think that “The Mashed Potato” would be good as a rap song...and we’re talking 1989 here, not 1983. Bands like the Geto Boys, NWA and Black Sheep were the rage, and Dee Dee is trying to make a Grandmaster Flash-meets-the-Ramones Do-Wop record. So we should at least applaud him for that.

Actually, why this record has grown on me is that for one, it’s a very personal record. It’s almost like a diary of Dee Dee and Vera’s life together (if I assume correct that she’s the “baby doll” he sings about). Some songs are pretty catchy; the chorus to “Emergency” is hilarious, and “Poor Little Rich Girl” sounds like a Ramones outtake. Plus, Dee Dee raps in German!

Calling Mr. Dee Dee

Friday, July 24, 2009

Gary Paulak

Did you know there was an album of songs about Foosball released in the ‘70s? Probably not, but I’m sure you’re not surprised. Before Pac-Man Fever hit the world, a foosball fan and competitor named Gary Paulack recorded “Table Talk”, an album not just about the game itself, but about the players and his experiences getting to and playing in the competitions.

A few years ago, I bought a movie called “Foos”, an overly long but really good and informative documentary on table soccer -from its origins through its heyday, to what the game is like now. I opted to get the DVD+Soundtrack, and was glad I did. If you like the sport as much as I do, google the film and buy it. Since I know most of you never will (and will miss out on having "Snortin’" Johnny Horton as your new hero), here is Gary’s folky, inspired tribute to the game. It’s as fun and freewheelin’ as we’d like to remember the ‘70s being (even though we know it actually sucked).

Snake Shot

Last Rites/Negative FX

Regardless of what you think of former singer Choke, ("Right now, I'm on a big anti-freak thing. I would like to make hardcore a thing that I could take my mother to and not be embarrassed. It's about time these fuckin' kids with triple mohawks and dyed orange hair fuckin' got their shit together, grew up and fuckin' got a job and became human beings.") and whether or not you're a Slapshot fan, Last Rites and Negative FX wrote some great hardcore in their short lifespan.
After Cosmic Hearse posted the worst record ever recorded by a hardcore band, I thought I'd cleanse my palette by posting this comp of 2 great Choke-fronted bands. If you like hardcore and haven't heard these records, or if you like stuff like Limecell and Cocknoose (I always thought those bands sounded a bit like Last Rites), check it out.
As a bonus, listen to Dinosaur Jr's tribute to their Boston hardcore roots covering the Last Rites classic, "Chunks".
CD currently $38 - $99 used on Amazon.

Shopping For A Crew

Dinosaur Jr. "Chunks"

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Last House on the Left

What can I say about Last House on the Left? It was my favorite horror movie in high school, in fact I found lyrics to a song called "Last House on the Left" I had written in 9th grade that I recycled to write a tribute song 5 years ago.
I posted that song in the second link.
The soundtrack to LHOTL, performed and written by star David Hess, doesn't sound like your typical horror movie soundtrack. Some of It's folky, some fun and frivolous, some funky, and yes, a couple tracks are a little eerie. The juxtaposition of the 60s folk music with what is happening on screen is one of LHOTL's successful elements. It is also why many people get the feeling that, like "Altamont", the film symbolizes the end of the "peace and love" hippy generation. Director Wes Craven has said that the film's grittiness had a lot to do with what was happening in the world at the time, the Vietnam war being a large part of it. David Hess's soundtrack drives that point home splendidly, and also adds touches of humor in the right places. Take a listen, then go to Mr. Hess's website to buy his music and check out the new films he's featured in!

Piss Your Pants

The Jack Saints "Last House on the Left"

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Holly & The Italians

A few years ago I saw the Masque club reunion at the Echoplex in L.A. While my favorite band of the night was "The Eyes" (, runner up had to have been Holly Vincent of Holly & the Italians. With other bands on the bill being the Crowd, the Gears, the Controllers, the Deadbeats, the Plugz and the Dogs, I can only guess that it was her ultra-catchy, sassy-but-sugary songs that had me not blinking away for her very short set.
I won't go into her entire history here (that's what google is for) but I will post her CD since Amazon has it used for $89-$214 (!!!!).

Shut Up

Monday, July 20, 2009



A ground-score from years ago, this Leland record was a mystery to me for over a decade. As I was about to rip the vinyl, I lazily searched the internet for mp3s, and lo-and-behold someone else had already done it! The internets is great. But the track listing was totally different than my LP and it looked like it was from a reissue CD. So goddamn it, I had to rip this thing after all...twice actually, because my cat kept messing up the speed of the record.
From all I can gather, Leland was an eccentric musician from the San Francisco area. He was Asian and wore a cape. He'd advertise in music magazines and he also released a "live at the Mab" record. I'm sure I can dig up more if I ask friends who were around at the time, so maybe I'll be updating Leland's post in the future if I can glean some insight.
For now check out this proggy psych rock record (recorded in '75, released in '78). If some of the mellower tunes turn you off, at least skip to the title track. It's a barnstormer.
(Amazing back cover photo is zipped up in the .rar file)

NOTE: My record has a much different track listing that the rips i've seen. Mine:
1. A Lucky Man
2. Goodbye, My Lonliness
3. Goodbye, My I've Got Some Happiness
4. Sail A Crest
5. Trip Ship
6. This is My World

Enter His World

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Raw Funk Comp

This is a comp of songs by an East German funk band called "The Poets Of Rhythm". The songs were released as singles in the late '90s with different band members using different band names. The tunes may be fairly new, but they sound like they'd fit well on a sleazy blacksploitation soundtrack from the early '70s. I picked this up online a few years ago at regular CD price, but now it seems to be OOP and going for $29.95 used. I dig it, and hopefully you will too. Put it on when you're about to hit the "nappy dugout".

Foxy Brown

Zoogz Rift

What can you say about a guy like Zoogz Rift? He's a self-described DADA artist that flows like water; he's an ex-professional wrestling manager; he's written some amazingly catchy and complex songs -as well as some splendidly annoying ones. What ever you say about him, the sad truth is that after 30 years, he is only a footnote in rock history. In a world filled with Billy Joel and Bruce Springsteen, it's a travesty to say the least.
My friend Nick and I drove down to Los Angeles to catch what I think may have been his last show some years ago at Mr. T's Bowl (check out the video I uploaded to youtube). He wasn't well enough to play guitar and his eyesight was failing him. He still put on a great, funny show. Unfortunatly, bandmate Richie Haas lost his battle with cancer recently, so Zoogz and the Amazing Shitheads are sadly no more.
From the psycho "Ostriches have sex too you know" to the mellow, but biting "What can we feed to the lions", "Idiots on a Miniature Golf Course" has been an album on permanent rotation since my high school days.

Liquid Maomo

Friday, July 17, 2009


If there ever was an album that "grew on me", it's Budgie's "If I Were Brittania I'd Waive The Rules". Though my friends were probabaly aware of Budgie a couple years before me thanks to Metallica, I discovered them sometime around 1990 or '91 goiong through a 70s metal obsession phase (that never really ended). The third CD I bought was "If I were Britannia..." (at a hefty $18.99 import price)...and it became my favorite.
There are some ballads on this record, and even their heavier "rockers" don't come close to the sabbathy sound of their earlier "Nude Disintegrating Parachutist Woman". That said, the songs are catchy and it's my most played Budgie record. I'm sure to be in the minority on this one.
Current Amazon price: $47.09 new.


Thursday, July 9, 2009

Toner Low

When my band played in Den Haag, Holland, the group we opened for had stuff for sell from other bands (as bands often do). Being in a van for hours a day on tour, I wanted to get a new CD to drown out my idiot bandmates on the long drives ahead. For some reason I picked up the Toner Low CD, and the girl selling it said they were "a little like Sleep". Perhaps it was just her cute accent, but I was sold. The next day we played this CD over and over again...and throughout the whole tour. It's heavy as all hell; I played it at work and it actually knocked one of the speakers off the wall. It's not so much like Sleep actually, but it is very slow and doomy. You can tell these guys are into some good shit, and they manage to sound like a lot of heavy bands without sounding like anyone in particular.
From what I've read these guys are from Leiden and have been at it since 1998. Check it out, and For the full effect track down the actual CD and all their other recorded thingamajigs.


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Skate Rock: a Blog The Jerk! comp

Me, around 18 years old circa 1990

On rare occasions some lame-O or other will ask me: "what are you?". Instead of telling them to go fuck themselves like I should, my response has always been a polite: "I'm an aging skater".
I think that pretty much sums up who I am and what my musical tastes are. If it sounds good out of a boom box while you session the curb you dragged up to the top of a wash: it's golden.
Because of back problems and sheer laziness I didn't skate for a while, and then when I did I sucked worse than ever and decided to take up surfing. I still make plans to go to the not-so-new-now skate park, and I still have a love for all the old skate videos I grew up with -especially their soundtracks.
Feeling nostalgic tonight, I decided to make everyone a comp featuring some of my favorite skate songs. A couple I never had except on VHS and a few things I only had on tape and are long gone, so I had to scour the internet for what I needed. The Cry song I bought online for .99 cents. Normally I own the CD or Vinyl of everything I post, but this is an exception.
Many of the songs here are featured in old skate vids. New Deal (promo and Useless Wooden Toys)and H-Street (Shackle Me Not and Hokus Pokus) being my faves at the time. Speed Freaks from Santa Cruz, and The SST driven Savanah Slamma III being very cool as well. Other songs are from Thrasher Skate Rock comps, some are just things we used to skate to like ST and RKL.
This comp won't mean as much to you as it would to the skaters around my age who'd play the same fIREHOSE tape for 4 hours straight while trying to get a trick down...but hopefully you'll find some tunes you like. Crack open a can of Bud or Jolt cola and take a listen...

BANDS: drunk injuns, mcrad, the odd numbers, minutemen, tar babies, husker du, SWA, sub society, ancestors: gods of sound, wonderful broken thing, milk, descendents, JFA, 8 days a week, wonderful broken thing, dinosaur jr, screaming lord salba, the cry, los olvidados, kirk and the jerks, deep wound, plaid retina, ST, the D.I.'s, RKL
*note: the ancestors gods of sound song is 15 min long because there's a bonus track at the end. Sorry!
Wheels of Fire

Me again. Weak "slob air" on my old ramp

Monday, July 6, 2009



Three great things happened in 1972: I was born, J Edgar Hoover died, and WÜRM began their tremulous career. This first incarnation lasted 'till 1978, and while they did record an album, their record label failed to pay the studio and their tape was sadly erased over. What may have been the most amazing record of all time was lost forever.
Fortunately for us, some years later Black Flag went through a legal battle with their record label and Chuck Dukowski had time for his old band once again. Reforming from 1982-'83 with new singer Siman Smallwood, they recorded the great SST 7" (my first exposure to them was on the "7 Inch Wonders of the World" cassette comp), the LP "Feast" (though shelved 'till 1985), and played some assumably awe-inspiring shows. Unfortunately for friends and fans of their great guitar player, Ed Danky OD'd in 1991.

Drums: Lou Hinzo (Loud Lou, His Loudness)
Guitar: Edward Danky
Vocals: Siman Smallwood (Dead Hippy)
Bass: Chuck Dukowski

I Guess You'll Have To BÜRN!

The Little Girls "The Clear Album"


Valley girl sisters Caron and Michele Maso formed The Little Girls in the early '80s during L.A.'s New Wave hayday. They released their first and only LP "Thank Heaven" in 1983 and had minor hits with "The Earthquake Song" and "How to Pick Up Girls" (thanks in part to Rodney Bingenheimer and KROQ).
For their follow up, the Little Girls had hoped to sign a bigger record deal and gain larger success. With producers Tim Boyle and Toby Mamis (and Blondie's rhythm section!!) they hit the studio and recorded a 3 song demo which was printed in a limited quantity (20 clear vinyl copies) and shopped around to record labels. With no success, the Little Girls ended up calling it quits -until a reunion in 2004. Let's hope they give it one more go and give us something new!

Power Pop For The People

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Paul Leary

When it comes to contemporary guitar players, J Mascis, D. Boon and especially Paul Leary had a huge influence on me. To say I liked the Butthole Surfers is a huge understatemt; they changed the way I thought music should be played and listened to forever — and made many LSD trips that much weirder.
Paul Leary's solo record came as a shock (much like hearing the "Jackofficers" for the first time), but unlike the Jackofficers, Paul's record grew on me like genital warts. I don't know what the fuck I can compare it to, so just download it!

BBQ Pope

The Open Mind

*to come*

Open Your Mind

The Factory

Back in 1992 I got a job at a local record store and this guy Phil, an ex-employee, would come in and order records all the time. He must have been in his late 30s back then and had slaved in record stores for years. I remember buying the Group Sex LP from him as a kid and his breaking into a loud, happy chorus of "World Up My Ass" in front of my mom.
Anyways, he made me many a tape in those days (Can, Faust, Things To Come, Acid Visions Comp, etc...) but the one I played the most was Lowell George and the Factory.
What little I ever heard of Little Feat never did anything for me, but George's earlier psychedelic band wrote some great songs (one later ripped off by the Chesterfield Kings). Aside from the Beefheart sounding "Lightning Rod Man", and a few bluesier bonus tracks, The Factory were melodic and catchy as hell. You may also have seen them perform on an episode of F-Troop.

Black Protruding Tongues


Sometimes you read so much about an album that when you finally hear it, there's no way it could possible live up to your hopes. Such was the case when I bought and listened to this Harumi disc. I'm probably doing it a great injustice, but aside from a few really stand-out tracks, many of the songs are too slick/radio friendly for me -even with Tom Wilson at the helm of the recording.
That being said, the last two tracks (Or the 2nd LP of the original double album)are much different: a haunting 24 minute psychedelic Japanese folk jam and an 18 minute go-go freak out -both with spoken word narration. The first one gets tedious and the second, while fun for a while, gets pretty annoying as well.
Overall, it's worth checking out for the few gems. Who knows? Maybe you'll like it more than me.

Arigato Gozaimasu

The Gizmos

Before Thee Fourgiven, The Unclaimed, and the Excessories, guitar player Rich Coffee played in the legendary Bloomington, Indiana band the Gizmos. Formed in 1975, the Gizmos came from that early punk school, looking more like acid dealing BÖC fans than the stereotypical Ramones/Sex Pistols punkers to follow.
Musically, there are some similarities to Boston bands like DMZ and the Real Kids — but even less polished. Love it or hate it, it's well worth checking out.

Lucifer The Light

Pussy "Pussy Plays"

While the first track grabbed me instantly, the rest of the tunes from these hippy tea bags had to grow on me over a few listens. As a whole, the album is a psychedelic prog journey with frantic parts and mellow, early Floyd-ish breaks. While some of it goes nowhere, the bits that work really work well.

Currently $80.87 used on Amazon and over $100 new!

Pet The Pussy

Pure Hell •March 27, 2009

Formed circa 1974 in Philadelphia, Dead Boys-esque Pure Hell were not only the first all-black band in the punk rock scene, they were possibly the most energetic and acrobatic. They used to play shows at Max's with their buddies the NY Dolls and must have stole the show every night. If you need further convincing, find and buy this CD and the included (amazing) live DVD.

More Info:

Mediafire link was deleted so try THIS ONE
(link provided by GoodNightWhereverYouAre)

Bryan Maclean •March 27, 2009

When I was about 15 I picked up Da Capo by LOVE at my friendly neighborhood thrift store. Stephanie Knows Who was already well worn when I played that dusty, scratched up LP, but I must have nearly needled through to the other side, playing that song over and over again. 7 and 7 Is, of course being the other scorcher. I didn’t really appreciate the mellower tracks 'till some years later.

One of those was Orange Skies written by guitar player Bryan Maclean (also creator of Alone Again Or…, one of Love’s most loved tracks). Here is a comp of demos and home recordings made during Love’s heyday -before Bryan left the music business for Christianity. The songs have that quirky structure and haunting singing style Love is known for. Sure Arthur Lee was a “genius” and all, but this comp shows that Bryan Maclean’s contribution to Love might have been overshadowed by Lee’s strong persona.

If you like what you hear, make sure to pick up the CD which has extensive liner notes.
Again Or

Skip Bifferty •October 23, 2008

My all time favorite 60s record. Yes, I like this even more the “Village Green Preservation Society” by the Kinks.

Changing their name to Skip Bifferty from “The Chosen Few” in 1966, they released this album a year later. I’d compare it to “Elmer Gantry’s Velvet Opera” and “The Picadilly Line” -but catchier. It’s one of the most enjoyable listens you’re likely to have today, so give it a download!

Micky Gallagher went on to play keyboards on Clash records and joined his old Bifferty bandmate John Turnbull in IAN DURY and the BLOCKHEADS.

I paid $31.99 for a possibly non-legit Japanese import. Current Amazon price:
1 new from $155.44 6 used from $69.98

Sock It To Me!

(and make sure to listen to the bonus tracks! “Man in Black” is one of my favorite tunes!)

The Golden Dawn •October 20, 2008

Before you cry “13th Floor Elevators Rip Off!” (the song “Starvation” could be a lost Elevators song), let it be known that this Austin psychedelic band from 1966 features George Kinney, a member of Roky’s pre-elevators bands. Their LP, Power Plant, was finished a couple months after the release of the Psychedelic Sounds Of LP, but pushed back by their label till after Easter Everywhere came out.

From what I read, George Kinney had always been a fan, friend, and supporter of Roky in troubled times. It might be 40 years after the fact, but dig how great this CD is!

it goes for $89 used on Amazon, but download it here and then buy their NEW CD online!!

I Want It!

Pacific Sound •October 20, 2008

Sometimes I'll still buy a record for the cover. I admit it. Such is the case with Pacific Sound’s “Forget Your Dream!”.

This early 70s Swiss band remind me a bit of Mick Farren’s Deviants. Highlights of the CD are “Gyli Gyli” -a song that replaces lead vocals with laughter, and “The Drug Just Told Me”, where singer Chris Meyer’s accent is just brilliant.

CD $34.50 on amazon


Bill Fox •October 19, 2008

Before bands like Superchunk, Sleepyhead and Pavement there were The Mice. if you like your indie rock punked out, dig this:

Bill Fox released a couple solo records in the late 90s that took that “Gimme Indie Rock” vibe into Dylan territory and fucking succeeded amazingly. It’s a friggin' crime that he didn’t become the poet of our generation, while lesser talents sold assloads of records.

Listen to lyrics like “your guitar is in the corner -where I put it back in tune” from “Going down to Babylon”, and the genius of “Quartermaster’s Wintertime”.

These songs are meant to be put on mixtapes.


CD price: up to $59.98 on Amazon as of post.

*update* Bill Fox is playing live again! Go see him if he's playing near you! (he's prolly not unless you're in Ohio)

Git It

Sugartooth •October 19, 2008

More friends of ours from the early 90s. I think Nick (from our band) contacted these guys from Los Angles through MRR or Flipside. At the time they had a 7″ out, but unknown to us they were working out a deal with DGC for a full on fancy major label release.

These guys were cool as shit; they were fans of Husker Du, Adam Ant, Budgie, Sabbath, old country and whatever else. Plus they got our old band some shows in L.A. (we even opened up for Korn at a “rock for choice” event! *blurgh*”).

Anyways, I always thought this CD was way underrated, and now hopefully more people can listen to it. With crap like STP, and Alice in Chains selling millions, real and good bands like the Obsessed and Sugartooth got the shaft and written off by the majors. In fact I think the Obsessed got dropped around this time and had their European tour canceled weeks before they were set to go.

Tim the guitar player left before the second Sugartooth CD and formed “Speedbuggy”. Joey (who was on the second Wasted Youth LP) joined Danzig. Bevis and Butthead played the video for “Sold My Fortune” (where you can see a young me wearing a “Warlock Pichers last show” t-shirt). Where does the time go?

CD price: up to $0.01 on Amazon as of post
Click Away

Polyphemus •October 19, 2008

These guys were friends of ours back in Palm Springs in the early 90s. During the begining of the whole “Kyuss” thing, these guys were signed to Beggers Benquet records and were my absolute favorite band (aside from the Melvins and Dinosaur Jr and Hawkwind…)

The singer Brian/Ref played in an old Punk band from the desert called Target 13 that got some acclaim for doing the song “Rodney on the Roq” back in the 80s.

Brain and his wife Elvira took tons of really good acid, lived in “midget town” -in one of the midget sized houses in the desert hills that were originally built for the midgets who acted in the Wizard of Oz! (seriously, it was an amazing place where you had to crouch and all the doors and windows were lower than “normal” houses.)

Here is their old house

the roof was great for getting wasted on when I was 20 years old… (it used to be WAY greener with gardens all around it)

If you like stuff like the later Pretty Things (SF Sorrow era), the psychedelic era of Chad and Jeremy, and early Who…with punk rock Husker Du style spirit, then give this a listen. This is their first CD, recorded on a tascam 8 track produced by the band. They released one more BB CD, then a few more on their own.

you can hear their latest psyche weirdness here

Out of Print CD price: $0.48 to $19.99 on Amazon as of post.

Your Kind Turn Me All Around

Phantom’s Divine Comedy •October 19, 2008

I picked this gem up on CD when I was working at “Werehouse Records” in Palm Springs and we got a shittonne of CDs and cardboard display from a company called “One Way” (who later Roy Loney told me was a bootleg company). In any case, I must have bought 20 of those CDs…SRC, Flamin’ Groovies “Teenage Head”, Hawkwind, Cirith Ungol, Bonzo Dog Band…and this one: Phantom’s Divine Comedy. I still don’t know what the proper title is, and the musicians are credited to “X”, “W”, “Y”, and “Phantom”.

Later during the dawning of the practical age of internet usage, I read that there were rumors of Jim Morrison still being alive and this record was a gimmick to capitalize on that. Then a couple years later, I read that the vocalist for this record is none other than Iggy Pop! What is the truth? No fucking idea, but I haven’t heard of any reunion tours. My guess is that this is a bunch of studio musicians doing Doors music with satanic bent lyrics…but who knows? Morrison’s grave might be dug up soon due to its lease expiring…we’ll see how light that coffin is…

CD price: up to $59.99 on Amazon as of post

Download here: