Tuesday, August 23, 2011


The now legendary Bang started forty two years ago this month in Philadelphia, PA and since then not many have put out a record as good as their self-titled debut. I could go on about how they moved to Florida, opened up for (and supposedly blew away) their heroes, Black Sabbath...but instead here's a great link for those who want to dig deeper.
I will say that this "debut" is actually the second album Bang recorded and was all written within 2 weeks while their producer was away on vacation. Their first album, "Death of a Country" was a concept album shelved by Columbia out of the fear that people "wouldn't get it". For some reason Columbia assumed that everyone would "get" Mahavishnu Orchestra's debut, "Inner Mounting Flame", released that same year. Go figure.

Future Shock

Thursday, August 18, 2011


OK, I said no more metal for a while, but since I went to the Diamond Head-Evil Dead-Slough Feg show last night, I am making an exception.

Diamond Head was basically Brian Tatler, a younger singer and a band who looked they actually played "back in the day". Thanks to the ever-handy droid, it turned out the drummer Karl Wilcox played in the 1979/80 NWOBHM band Requiem/Rekuiem. This single doesn't sound much like Sabbath or Budgie as the internet searches claim; the A side sounds more like a mix of Caravan, Hawkwind, Blue Cheer's "Piece of Mind" and Moby Grape - with metal leads of course. I really dig the genre-bending title track, but things pick up steam for side B. A very Budgie riff gets hammered throughout and overall is far more a "NWOBHM" song. The singer's unique '60s style vocals make it almost sound like a precursor to the Lou Barlow songs off the first Dinosaur Jr record or later Meat Puppets though. If that's the bag you're in, don't miss it! Give it a couple spins...the songs really grow on you. History of the band with interview here


Friday, August 5, 2011


Yeah I've been posting a lot of metal lately, but I just bought this LP and really love it, so after this I promise it'll get punker (or something) around here.

Anyway, Germany's Fact have everything you want in a '80s metal record: crazy screeching vocals, catchy riffs and solid soloing. Check out "Heavy Metal Powerplay", my favorite tune on the record and a pretty amazing song title if you ask me. If you like Accept, Priest and the first Crue record you'll probably dig this. In fact, if you can imagine Udo Dirkschneider never dropping down below his high pitched wails, you might be close to what Fact sounds like.

Without Warning

Monday, August 1, 2011


Canada week concludes with the second LP from Calgary's Hammersmith. Hammersmith formed after the break up of Painter and kept the same kind of Guess Who sound (Listen to Painter's "West Coast Woman" — a pretty blatant copy of "American Woman") with most of it falling into the "we need a big radio hit" category. There's some great songwriting on this LP though, and then awesome 1-2 punch of "Kickin' Back" and "Hello, It's For You" followed by the slow and heavyish psyche number "Under The Sea". Unfortunately things end with Bass player Royden Morice's piano number "Mr. Las Vegas" that comes off sounding like bad/worse Barry Manilow. So, a half great record in my opinion (recorded in Edmonton by the way, where I just visited), and a must if you dig 70s rock a la Montrose, BTO, and April Wine

Be A Star