Sunday, November 22, 2009

I've Been Busy!

Sorry for lack of new content, I'll prolly put up 6 or 7 things over the Thanksgiving break to make up for it tho!

Anyways, as you all get ready to spend some time with the family or just plan on getting loaded with friends this Thursday (For those of you who are American), why not make more awesome side dishes and adopt a turkey this year instead of carving one?

See y'all soon!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Normally I sorta yammer on about a band's history or what they meant to me, but today, inspired by a comment left by someone on Facebook, I'm posting the Cherubs. What did they mean to me? Not much of anything I guess, but I really, really liked them somewhere around 1992-93. This was their first CD, and it fits in nicely with the likes of Ed Hall, Butthole Surfers, Johnboy, and Crust. Give it a listen. Maybe it will change your life, or maybe you'll just think it's really really good. If you dig it, pick up their second -and heavier- CD "Heroin Man".

Carjack Fairy

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Both LPs One CD

I first heard Buffalo thanks to Nick (my friend and bandmate) back in the late '90s and it was one of those "how did I not hear this before now??" moments.
Buffalo Formed in Sydney, Australia in 1971 from the ashes of Dave Tice and Peter Wells's band "Head". By 1976 they went through lineup and style changes, but their early stuff is some blistering full-of-testosterone crocodile wrestling beer drinking skirt lifting rock.
Post Buffalo, Peter Wells went on to form Rose Tattoo, Dave Tice did the Count Bishops and The Headhunters. Unfortunately Pete Wells is pushing up the grass, but according to Wikipedia, Dave Tice still whips out a meaty Buffalo tune now and then live.
This CD cost me $27 new several years ago, and now it goes for as much as $76. Some people are selling it cheaper online though, so snatch up a copy if you like it.

Good On Ya!


Several years back, I was minding my own business DJing at the C.W. Saloon in San Francisco when this band of "older" guys took the stage and started playing some great juvenile three-chord punk.
It didn't hit me 'till halfway through their set when I heard "Hey MOM...I just quit my JOB! ..Fuck your JOB!" that I was watching the Nubs! (I knew the name had sounded familiar).
Anyways, I was fortunate enough to catch a bunch of their shows, become friends with their new drummer, Gino, and hear their new songs that sounded just as good as their classics.
The Nubs (I don't think) have played in a long time, and who knows if the new songs will ever see the light of day (unless they released them and I'm unaware), but they did reissue all their old classics for us. It's nice when a band has written a ton more great songs than just their one famous "KBD" single. Check it out and appreciate one of the bay areas least appreciated great bands.

Soap May Float But Your Baby Won't

Friday, November 6, 2009

A.G.s and Stukas Over Bedrock


I posted the out of print A.G.'s CD some time ago and if you read the comments, it turns out an old friend of mine, Patrick Houdek, put out a cassette split with them and Stukas Over Bedrock (remember them??) many years back (1986 to be exact). Best part of the story is that he had since ripped it to CD and sent me a copy to post on the blog. Thanks Patrick!

Hurt A Cop

Foreskin 500

Foreskin 500 featured Mark "3KSK" Brooks, one of the masterminds behind the great, late Warlock Pinchers. In their somewhat brief career Foreskin put out 3 records and a few singles (one of which I released on my old label).
It was hard to decide which record to post, but eventually I settled on their final and funkiest, "Starbent but Superfreaked".
Foreskin were an incredible and wild band live (thanks in part to Arthur Brown meets Iggy Pop frontman Diggie Diamond), but their records never really did that justice.
Mark went on to create 'Lil Pimp, storyboard and direct some of Metalocolypse, and is currently directing The Black Panther series. Diggie also moved to Hollywood and enjoys the good life.

Team Fucker

Dinosaur Jr

If I had to tell you what my favorite band was in high school, I'd easily say Dinosaur Jr. I still listen to them quite a bit and I'm actually going to see them tonight at the Fillmore supporting their new (great) album, "Farm".
I try to never post stuff that's still in print here on Blog the Jerk!, so you're not getting the best material if you've never listened to Dinosaur before now. But for those fans who haven't heard this weird little single, this post's for you. (I've also included the "Get Me" Cd single with their cover of the Flying Burrito Brothers "Hot Burrito #2 and an acoustic version of "Quest").
The "Take a Run at the Sun" songs were written for a movie called "Grace of My Heart", a story loosely based on Carol King. J channels Brian Wilson on these songs, especially the offbeat "Smile" sounding track, "The Pickle Song". While J doesn't have the voice to fully pull off any Beach Boys style, it's sure fun hearing him try. A strange and enjoyable EP.

Endless Summer

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Speed Rules OK! (A Blog the Jerk! Comp)

Ahh speed. Inspirer of "found art" sculptures, all-night guitar noodling, and endless electrician's tape repair jobs (of things that didn't need repairing). Hitler was fond of it, as well as the tens of thousands of doctors back in the '50s who'd prescribe it in pill form for anything from depression to headaches. Who would want to actually quit such a wonder drug? Not many people it turns out, hence the wretched "after" photos you see all the time (although I bought it once from a guy in Palm Springs who was in his late 50s and still looked good after 35 years of use).
Anyways, I don't like doing drugs anymore - or even drinking more than half a cup of coffee - but that doesn't mean I can't enjoy bands singing about the joys of "booger sugar". I even threw on one of my bands, The Jack Saints, among the 16 tracks championing the fun of hot rails. Actually not all these songs are "pro" speed. But whatevers! Also, there are tons I missed, so let me know which in the comments!!

Hey Man, I Can Fix That For You!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Lee Harvey Oswald Band

Let me take you back to a time when music was great and I was thinner, less grumpy and listened to tons of the Lee Harvey Oswald Band.
The first LHOWD album "A Taste of Prison" (which included their debut ep) was fan-fucking-tastic, but I decided to post their second CD "Blastronaut" instead. When it came out I was floored by how many people didn't give a shit. Is it the most underrated album of the '90s? For me it is, and in my retarded little blog world, my opinion is gospel!
Blastronaut is more produced and less "distorted" than A Taste of Prison, and even a great deal glammier. The pro transgender song "Morphodite" is my personal favorite (try to get that song un-stuck in your head!), and they do great covers of the Amboy Dukes and the Move on this one.
Supposedly this is Rick Sims' (of the Didjits and Gaza Strippers) side-project, though I'm not sure he ever admitted to it. On this album you can hear what sounds like his voice more than on previous records though.
Amazon says: new from $22.38 used from $56.38, so:

*UPDATE: Zowie Fenderblast is now in a band with Corey from Nashville Pussy: here

Jesus Never Lived on Mars

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Various: King Solomon's Goldmine

I bought this back in 1995, and it's one of the best "various artists" rock comps I've ever gotten.
Bands include: Rose Tattoo, Geordie, Atomic Rooster, Plasmatics, Yardbirds, Amon Duul II, The Herd, Budgie, Humble Pie and more!

Rock 'n' Roll is King

Spike Jones


"Me and my mate were back at the shack we had Spike Jones on the box..."

OK, I have loved this record since I was in 1st grade. They had it at the public library and I listened to it over and over again. I finally bought it on vinyl about 5 years ago. It was gonna be my rip for halloween, but the stereo effects on this record did NOT translate to the computer well. I tried my turntable's USB port, I tried RCA jacks to 1/8 inch jack, headphone jack to input jack (all stereo cables) and nada.
Well, I give up. If you like this, then just track down the actual album (which we all do anyway, right?) cause it is 100x better. Or if you have a better rip, send it my way!

Happy Halloween!