Monday, November 2, 2009

Lee Harvey Oswald Band

Let me take you back to a time when music was great and I was thinner, less grumpy and listened to tons of the Lee Harvey Oswald Band.
The first LHOWD album "A Taste of Prison" (which included their debut ep) was fan-fucking-tastic, but I decided to post their second CD "Blastronaut" instead. When it came out I was floored by how many people didn't give a shit. Is it the most underrated album of the '90s? For me it is, and in my retarded little blog world, my opinion is gospel!
Blastronaut is more produced and less "distorted" than A Taste of Prison, and even a great deal glammier. The pro transgender song "Morphodite" is my personal favorite (try to get that song un-stuck in your head!), and they do great covers of the Amboy Dukes and the Move on this one.
Supposedly this is Rick Sims' (of the Didjits and Gaza Strippers) side-project, though I'm not sure he ever admitted to it. On this album you can hear what sounds like his voice more than on previous records though.
Amazon says: new from $22.38 used from $56.38, so:

*UPDATE: Zowie Fenderblast is now in a band with Corey from Nashville Pussy: here

Jesus Never Lived on Mars


  1. Mike,
    Dude I couldnt agree more about this album, this should have been huge and I cant understand why people didnt pick up on this record or even generally give it a chance. That is for sure Rick Sims though, I actually asked Rick about it once when we played with the Gaza Strippers in New Orleans, he seemed displeased by my question, but said "Oh you like THAT album? Like I had terriable taste or somthing, pretty funny. I actually meet the guy who plays Zowie Fenderblast also, he was a tattoo artist at the time in Athens. Ga. He seemed very proud of these records. This album is almost perfect and your right these songs or so catchy. I think there was supposed to be Zowie solo album at some point too, if you have it please let me know!
    Great choice man.

  2. Awesome! Glad you're a fan too! I didn not hear of a Zowie solo record! If one exists, I gotta find it!!

  3. Definitely one of the most listened to Touch & Go albums that I listened to while working there!

    And of course it's Rick Sims!

  4. zowie gave me his first interview ever, here:

  5. Awesome! I remember reading an interview with him in Flipside magazine a long time ago though, unless it was Rick Sims answering the questions...

  6. Wow! That's an amazing interview! And it makes me think that it was def. Rick talking to Flipsde. Kudos!

  7. jeezus mike, i was actually a columnist for flipside in another had to be Rick talking then-i just put the second part of the interview up-lemme copy your blog an put a link in okay? Zowie is the most interesting artist i've met since i met Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, really!

  8. Right on!
    I was really looking forward to seeing his new band with Corey from Nashville Pussy, but I guess they're not playing anymore?

  9. Mike: there is a solo album, it's amazing. If Zowie let's me put it up i will. The band with Corey fell apart, i'm not sure if they're any reordings. That was like five years ago. I'm going to Athens to see him on Saturday. Jim

  10. This "interview" turned out to be all classic LHO fakery.