Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Speed Rules OK! (A Blog the Jerk! Comp)

Ahh speed. Inspirer of "found art" sculptures, all-night guitar noodling, and endless electrician's tape repair jobs (of things that didn't need repairing). Hitler was fond of it, as well as the tens of thousands of doctors back in the '50s who'd prescribe it in pill form for anything from depression to headaches. Who would want to actually quit such a wonder drug? Not many people it turns out, hence the wretched "after" photos you see all the time (although I bought it once from a guy in Palm Springs who was in his late 50s and still looked good after 35 years of use).
Anyways, I don't like doing drugs anymore - or even drinking more than half a cup of coffee - but that doesn't mean I can't enjoy bands singing about the joys of "booger sugar". I even threw on one of my bands, The Jack Saints, among the 16 tracks championing the fun of hot rails. Actually not all these songs are "pro" speed. But whatevers! Also, there are tons I missed, so let me know which in the comments!!

Hey Man, I Can Fix That For You!


  1. you make an excellant mixtape, my friend. i might have enjoyed this more back when i was all twacked out, but it's a good soundtrack to my wendesday night lusty lobby web-surfing, none the less. a couple things i would have included are that ween song, i dunno what it's called but it's the second song on 'quebec" ..."you bring the razor blades, i'll bring the speed, say what you want, it's gonna be a long night!" and of course my departed brother dory tourette wrote the most heart-breaking meth ballad of all time.. "i shove rocks up my nose, until my eyes can't be closed, and then anything goes, cuz i hate myself, more than you will ever hate anyone else..."

  2. thanks Jason!
    I shoulda put on Riot's "White Rock"...but I think that's about coke...

  3. I am totally digging your blog, Mr. Desert. Wow, thanks for reminding me about "hot rails." Oh the things that used to go on in my kitchen. Oy. :)