Friday, November 6, 2009

A.G.s and Stukas Over Bedrock


I posted the out of print A.G.'s CD some time ago and if you read the comments, it turns out an old friend of mine, Patrick Houdek, put out a cassette split with them and Stukas Over Bedrock (remember them??) many years back (1986 to be exact). Best part of the story is that he had since ripped it to CD and sent me a copy to post on the blog. Thanks Patrick!

Hurt A Cop

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  1. wow! i never thought i'd actually find this. only read about it in the a.g's cd booklet. thanks a lot.

    is there any way i could get a copy of this cd? i'm a big fan of the a.g's/sinkhole. i can send you money for a cdr and shipping and everything. or, i live in s.f. too if i could pick up a copy sometime. my e-mail is monkeyfight at yahoo dot com.

    thanks again!