Sunday, November 8, 2009


Several years back, I was minding my own business DJing at the C.W. Saloon in San Francisco when this band of "older" guys took the stage and started playing some great juvenile three-chord punk.
It didn't hit me 'till halfway through their set when I heard "Hey MOM...I just quit my JOB! ..Fuck your JOB!" that I was watching the Nubs! (I knew the name had sounded familiar).
Anyways, I was fortunate enough to catch a bunch of their shows, become friends with their new drummer, Gino, and hear their new songs that sounded just as good as their classics.
The Nubs (I don't think) have played in a long time, and who knows if the new songs will ever see the light of day (unless they released them and I'm unaware), but they did reissue all their old classics for us. It's nice when a band has written a ton more great songs than just their one famous "KBD" single. Check it out and appreciate one of the bay areas least appreciated great bands.

Soap May Float But Your Baby Won't

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