Sunday, November 8, 2009


Both LPs One CD

I first heard Buffalo thanks to Nick (my friend and bandmate) back in the late '90s and it was one of those "how did I not hear this before now??" moments.
Buffalo Formed in Sydney, Australia in 1971 from the ashes of Dave Tice and Peter Wells's band "Head". By 1976 they went through lineup and style changes, but their early stuff is some blistering full-of-testosterone crocodile wrestling beer drinking skirt lifting rock.
Post Buffalo, Peter Wells went on to form Rose Tattoo, Dave Tice did the Count Bishops and The Headhunters. Unfortunately Pete Wells is pushing up the grass, but according to Wikipedia, Dave Tice still whips out a meaty Buffalo tune now and then live.
This CD cost me $27 new several years ago, and now it goes for as much as $76. Some people are selling it cheaper online though, so snatch up a copy if you like it.

Good On Ya!

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  1. I felt the same way when I heard this, "Only want you for your Body" is a fucking masterpiece and it sounds amazing!