Friday, November 6, 2009

Foreskin 500

Foreskin 500 featured Mark "3KSK" Brooks, one of the masterminds behind the great, late Warlock Pinchers. In their somewhat brief career Foreskin put out 3 records and a few singles (one of which I released on my old label).
It was hard to decide which record to post, but eventually I settled on their final and funkiest, "Starbent but Superfreaked".
Foreskin were an incredible and wild band live (thanks in part to Arthur Brown meets Iggy Pop frontman Diggie Diamond), but their records never really did that justice.
Mark went on to create 'Lil Pimp, storyboard and direct some of Metalocolypse, and is currently directing The Black Panther series. Diggie also moved to Hollywood and enjoys the good life.

Team Fucker


  1. I remember seeing these guys at my cousins night club in Cape Fear in Newport, Oregon. I was 15 (1996 or 97) & thought they were so awesome! The pyrotechs ended up being an issue &I was bummed the show wasn't as wild as I was told it'd be, but I remember there was many girls lined up to get spanked bare ass on stage (I was one, lol). I think now Crazy! We all could've been in so much trouble for that! I never heard much about them after that.

  2. Listened to "Manpussy" on the way to work today. Great, underrated band.