Friday, November 6, 2009

Dinosaur Jr

If I had to tell you what my favorite band was in high school, I'd easily say Dinosaur Jr. I still listen to them quite a bit and I'm actually going to see them tonight at the Fillmore supporting their new (great) album, "Farm".
I try to never post stuff that's still in print here on Blog the Jerk!, so you're not getting the best material if you've never listened to Dinosaur before now. But for those fans who haven't heard this weird little single, this post's for you. (I've also included the "Get Me" Cd single with their cover of the Flying Burrito Brothers "Hot Burrito #2 and an acoustic version of "Quest").
The "Take a Run at the Sun" songs were written for a movie called "Grace of My Heart", a story loosely based on Carol King. J channels Brian Wilson on these songs, especially the offbeat "Smile" sounding track, "The Pickle Song". While J doesn't have the voice to fully pull off any Beach Boys style, it's sure fun hearing him try. A strange and enjoyable EP.

Endless Summer

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