Thursday, August 18, 2011


OK, I said no more metal for a while, but since I went to the Diamond Head-Evil Dead-Slough Feg show last night, I am making an exception.

Diamond Head was basically Brian Tatler, a younger singer and a band who looked they actually played "back in the day". Thanks to the ever-handy droid, it turned out the drummer Karl Wilcox played in the 1979/80 NWOBHM band Requiem/Rekuiem. This single doesn't sound much like Sabbath or Budgie as the internet searches claim; the A side sounds more like a mix of Caravan, Hawkwind, Blue Cheer's "Piece of Mind" and Moby Grape - with metal leads of course. I really dig the genre-bending title track, but things pick up steam for side B. A very Budgie riff gets hammered throughout and overall is far more a "NWOBHM" song. The singer's unique '60s style vocals make it almost sound like a precursor to the Lou Barlow songs off the first Dinosaur Jr record or later Meat Puppets though. If that's the bag you're in, don't miss it! Give it a couple spins...the songs really grow on you. History of the band with interview here