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Skip Bifferty •October 23, 2008

My all time favorite 60s record. Yes, I like this even more the “Village Green Preservation Society” by the Kinks.

Changing their name to Skip Bifferty from “The Chosen Few” in 1966, they released this album a year later. I’d compare it to “Elmer Gantry’s Velvet Opera” and “The Picadilly Line” -but catchier. It’s one of the most enjoyable listens you’re likely to have today, so give it a download!

Micky Gallagher went on to play keyboards on Clash records and joined his old Bifferty bandmate John Turnbull in IAN DURY and the BLOCKHEADS.

I paid $31.99 for a possibly non-legit Japanese import. Current Amazon price:
1 new from $155.44 6 used from $69.98

Sock It To Me!

(and make sure to listen to the bonus tracks! “Man in Black” is one of my favorite tunes!)

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