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A ground-score from years ago, this Leland record was a mystery to me for over a decade. As I was about to rip the vinyl, I lazily searched the internet for mp3s, and lo-and-behold someone else had already done it! The internets is great. But the track listing was totally different than my LP and it looked like it was from a reissue CD. So goddamn it, I had to rip this thing after all...twice actually, because my cat kept messing up the speed of the record.
From all I can gather, Leland was an eccentric musician from the San Francisco area. He was Asian and wore a cape. He'd advertise in music magazines and he also released a "live at the Mab" record. I'm sure I can dig up more if I ask friends who were around at the time, so maybe I'll be updating Leland's post in the future if I can glean some insight.
For now check out this proggy psych rock record (recorded in '75, released in '78). If some of the mellower tunes turn you off, at least skip to the title track. It's a barnstormer.
(Amazing back cover photo is zipped up in the .rar file)

NOTE: My record has a much different track listing that the rips i've seen. Mine:
1. A Lucky Man
2. Goodbye, My Lonliness
3. Goodbye, My I've Got Some Happiness
4. Sail A Crest
5. Trip Ship
6. This is My World

Enter His World

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