Sunday, July 5, 2009

Bill Fox •October 19, 2008

Before bands like Superchunk, Sleepyhead and Pavement there were The Mice. if you like your indie rock punked out, dig this:

Bill Fox released a couple solo records in the late 90s that took that “Gimme Indie Rock” vibe into Dylan territory and fucking succeeded amazingly. It’s a friggin' crime that he didn’t become the poet of our generation, while lesser talents sold assloads of records.

Listen to lyrics like “your guitar is in the corner -where I put it back in tune” from “Going down to Babylon”, and the genius of “Quartermaster’s Wintertime”.

These songs are meant to be put on mixtapes.


CD price: up to $59.98 on Amazon as of post.

*update* Bill Fox is playing live again! Go see him if he's playing near you! (he's prolly not unless you're in Ohio)

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