Sunday, September 20, 2009



Looking like a cross between Kiss and the Phantom of the Paradise, FURR play a mix of Black Nasty style funk, Savoy Brown sorta blues rock, freewheelin' 70s rock (good music to play Foosball to), with a couple references to black magic thrown in for good measure.
FURR had a slight tie to KISS in that their producers Kasenetz and Katz (Ohio Express, etc...) had a relationship with Neil Bogart of Buddah and Casablanca Records who also masterminded the marketing of Gene, Paul, Ace and Peter.
Sure the best thing about the album is the cover, but after the initial disappointment, I actually liked the record for what it was. If anyone has info on these guys, leave comments!

Costume Rock


  1. you have that Little Girls Lp Thank Heaven available to post....oooohhhhh....I'd do anything to hear that again!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. hey! Sorry, don't own it. If you come across it let me know - I only ever had a CD-R of it. There's a bunch of 99 cent mp3s from it on Amazon though

  3. you know, after all this time there are a few songs on this that I absolutely LOVE and one that's been on nearly all my comp CDs since!