Thursday, September 24, 2009



I don't think I've heard a NWOBHM band that's embraced the glam rock sound as much as Vardis (especially on this album) then again I don't have a huge library of NWOBHM to reference. But I do have "Quo Vardis", and it fucking ROCKS.
Vardis started back in 1978 with the classic "100 M.P.H." EP. I've seen that one kicking around online, so search it out. "Quo Vardis" is ― I think ― their third full length. It was released in 1981, the year of "Too Fast For Love", "Killers", "Welcome To Hell", "Fire Down Under" and "Mob Rules". Maybe the glam experimentation came at the wrong time (It would be three years before Slade made their comeback with "Keep Your Hands Off MY Power Supply"). Whatever the case this Garry Glitter/Status Quo inspired album is grossly overlooked.
Rip includes scans.

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  1. Mike this is a great fucking record, but I think the most glam nwobhm band would have to be WRATHCHILD. Search for their Stakk Attak album, the cover will burn out your retinas with it's putrid glam disgust!!
    Not a bad album though.
    Everything in the VARDIS catalog is pretty good.

  2. Wow. Is that more like 80s glam metal though? It looks like it. I was thinking in terms of Wizzard, The Sweet and Gary Glitter kind of glam.