Friday, September 4, 2009

Yesterday & Today

I first heard Y&T in the ealy-mid '80s on a cassette comp ("Midnight in Tokyo" and "Mean Streak") with Rock Goddess and some other bands. I liked em OK, but when I picked up their first CD some ten years later I played it non-stop.
Then Called Yesterday & Today, Bay areas Y&T played more Mountain-esque hard rock. The chorus of Game Playing Woman sounds A LOT like a Mountain song actually. After listening to the debut so much, I began to appreciate their later records more, though not my favorite kind of rock/metal in the world.
The stand out tracks here are Earthshaker (sounds a little like Montrose-meets-Molly Hatchet to me), Fast Ladies (Very Slow Gin), and Game Playing Woman, so check em out.
According to Amazon: New from $79.98 and used from $45.00. What the hell?? Check it out here instead 'till someone with brains puts it back in print and remasters it!


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