Friday, September 25, 2009

Möl Triffid


I first heard of Möl Triffid when their bass player Dave joined up with the Melvins for a spell, replacing Joe Preston. I think this was just for a tour, right before Lori came back. Dave fit in pretty well with the Melvins, so when I saw a Möl Triffid single sometime later, I curiously snatched it up.
Möl Triffid were from Michigan and like a ton of other bands from MI, moved to San Fransisco for some reason or other. Guitar player Kimo Ball also played with Plainfield and now plays with Griddle and Jello Biafra's band -which is pretty hilarious since he was in Plainfield for the "Plainfield with Jello Biafra" parody -but I guess you can overlook that when you scored one of the best guitar players in the city.
Anyways, Möl Triffid play sorta dirgy noisy metal and I have another 7" I can post if anyone's interested.

Pleasure Ripped From Pain


  1. hey your blog looks super cool,i gotta come back and grab some of this stuff!check out my blog of music you can find nowhere else in the world ,leave comments,thanks!

  2. i'd like to hear the other one if you don't mind??????

  3. OK! I don't like it as much as this one, but I'll get to it this week

  4. I have a decent rip of the full length if you want, Mike.