Saturday, September 12, 2009

Lucio Fulci Tribute

I'm a huge, huge fan of Lucio Fulci's films. From my many rentals of "Gates of Hell" as a pre-teen (I finally bought the damn Paragon video big box I used to rent!) to my late teens (when I finally became aware that the director of that movie made several more gruesome horror movies) to today's DVD reissue craze (thanks Anchor Bay!) where I own as much Fulci as I can get my grubby hands on. His westerns and comedies too; bring 'em on!

I'm generally not a fan of tributes - they're OK for one or two listens - but beyond that I like listening to originals. "For Lucio Fulci- A Symphony Of Fear" on the other hand is slightly better. Many of the bands stay pretty faithful to the original score (Gwar's cover of the Zombie theme is great) and there are several tracks that are "inspired by the films of Fulci" to keep things interesting. I can't say I've played this more than 10 times, but that's about 8 times more than most tribute albums.

My wrist: L.F. for Lucio Fulci and the Eibon symbol from the Beyond.

It's going for $79.50 on Amazon as of this post, so here ya go

Liner Notes and Cover (13 mb)


  1. Awesome dude I cant wait to dig into this shit!

  2. Yeah man this was great, what a weird cd really. thank you
    and I think my eibon Tattoo is holding up a little better than yours,Ha!

  3. Thank you --- again!
    I had saved this on a disk, but the disk got corrupted.
    I'm glad this is still here.

  4. I have this symbol tatooed on my face!!!! HAIL FULCI!!!!!