Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Texas Trip

CCaasseettee Rip

I've had this tape since high school (22 years ago?? Ohmygod!) so excuse any dropouts. I think it's fine, but I played it a LOT.
Obviously I got this tape for the butthole surfers, who in 1987 were one of my favorite bands. I gotta say though, the Stickmen with Rayguns tracks were what I listened to the most. I also remember asking for them at record stores and never finding anyone who knew who the fuck they were. It wasn't 'till years later that I heard my roomate playing a 7" and said "this sounds like stickmen with rayguns", and it turned out to me the Bobby Soxx 7" (do you self a favor and google Bobby Soxx and read some stories about one of the most wacked out front men in punk history).
This was also my first exposure to recorded Daniel Johnston -I had the snub TV thing on video - (Oops! I meant "Cutting Edge" -Mike) but here Gibby has totally "Butthole Surferized" his performance into nightmarish proportions.
Steve Fitch I still don't know much about and haven't heard anything since. He's got some records out and is currently selling all his publishing rights on MySpace. It may be worth it, cuz his "In the Neighborhood" is an amazing lead off to this classic acid drenched Texas nightmare.

It's Better to Regret Things You HAVE Downloaded Than to Regret Thing's You HAVEN'T Download


  1. hey man I posted that BOBBY SOXX single not to long ago and I love that Stickmen with rayguns album. cant wait to check this out.I never really got into the Butthole surfers though, I always wanted to but it just never happen,haha.

  2. I shoulda mentioned that all these songs were recorded by the Butthole Surfers at their studio, so I don't think they're on anything else. Unless they're on that SMWRG disc. CD...
    Yeah, it's good shit!

  3. damn i thought no one else had posted this.i pride myself on posting stuff that no one has yet,and you dun me in!ahhhh crap!list your blog on chewbone,you'll be tagged on the THANKS!,G O D

  4. I have this album on an old broken tape. Also, I have no tape player (who does?). Leaves me in a bind. Been trying to find it for years. This is fucking awesome. I will never die...