Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hubble Bubble


I picked up Hubble Bubble's much lauded debut LP when it was reissued about 10 years ago, and it instantly hit me as one of the best and wildest punk rock records of the '70s. Download it HERE.
Hubble Bubble started back in 1974 by Plastic Bertrand ("Roger Junior" in Hubble Bubble). According to Wikipedia, the band broke up when the group's bass player was killed in an accident returning from a rehearsal. It's a shame, because these guys were fanfuckingtastic.
When I was in Belgium I picked up their second LP that I had no idea existed, and while toned down, the more pop-influenced songs really grew on me. Only a couple of tunes touch on the frantic spaced out noise of their debut, but if you like stuff like the Undertones, give it a spin. They also do a cool cover of Kim Fowly's "Motor Boat". Better than Steve McDonald's IMHO. Anyways, check out their self titled record first if you haven't already, then download this forgotten gem!

Use No Hooks

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