Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Fuck Ups


One of my biggest regrets was not getting to Lennon Studios in time to see the Fuck Ups at the Spike Memorial Fest last year. I'd seen Bad Postue before, so the Fuck Ups were THE band I had to see. Why the hell did they play so early??
Someone said "the singer was so drunk he was singing on the floor most the time". True or not, I would expect nothing less...unfortunately, and maybe not too surprisingly Bob Noxious passed away recently of liver failure. That makes me less sad than worried that I only have a few years left, since my boozing isn't going to quit any time soon...
Anyways, the Fuck Ups also featured members of Society Dog and Code of Honor...and although the COH/Sick Pleasure split is a classic, the Fuck Ups ep is one of my all-time favorite S.F. punk records.
I ripped this 7" about 6 years ago to post on alt.binaries.punk, but here it is again for the 'ol blog!

lots of 7" scans with the mp3s...and a Fuck Ups book of matches!
Fuck You


  1. Oh man, I've been wanting to hear these guys ever since seeing their pic in the Hardcore California book. Thanks!

  2. This and Government Iissue's "Teenager in a box are the best 45s ever.