Wednesday, August 5, 2009


The same year Earth's second album came out, I had just bought this CD used. To my amazement, Earth had chosen to "borrow" several elements in the design for their sophomore LP, including the text "special low frequency version". You could argue which of the albums is more listenable, but personally, I like them both.
The Environments series came out in the mid 70s when TM was all the rage. These albums supposedly could be used for sex, self-hypnosis, or swallowing rope and pulling it out you ass —or whatever weird hippy-dippy things people were doing back then.
There were eleven Syntonic Research Inc. "Environments" albums, but only 2 of them (so far as I know) have ever been on CD. This one is (I think) the only electric one, the others being modified sounds of nature recordings.
What I like most about this record is that it makes me think of Ray Bradbury stories...and it annoys the HELL out of people at loud volumes.

The Future of Music is Not Music

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