Sunday, August 16, 2009

Faithful Breath

I was tempted not to post this one, but it has sentimental value to me. This is why:

When I was in high school my grandma got me a video called "Shockwave" that featured Venom (I don't think she knew that I used to be a fan, but hated metal and was into punk rock at that point) and a bunch of other bands none of whom I'd ever heard of. One band, Faithful Breath, came out wearing viking costumes, and fuckin' RULED! Or at least I thought their outfits did, I can't remember what they played. A few years later I saw their LP "Rock Lions" used, and picked it up.
The cover was AMAZING, and the first track "Hurricane" is still one of my favorite classic metal tunes. The rest of the album? I hated it. Listening to it now I'm liking it more, but after they unleash the fucking fury in the opener, they kinda of meander through the rest of the record.

Faithful Breath started back in the late '60s and put out their first record in '74, which was way more of a "Yes" prog-style record. I like it better....but it don't have fuckin' "HURRICANE" on it!

Viking Rock


  1. epilogue:

    I started liking metal again in the late '90s. Thank Immortal for that.

  2. where the link man! I want this one.
    IMMORTAL RULES! they got a new album coming out soon too.