Thursday, August 20, 2009


I try to keep things diverse around the 'ol blog HQ, and it's about time I posted some twee pop music to balance things out.
In high school I couldn't get enough of bands like the Primitives and the Shop Assistants. I also was listening to C.O.C., the Butthole Surfers, Dinosaur, and Samhain a lot back then too...but man, do I love some C86-type music. Play me anything with Amelia Fletcher singing and I'll like it. Call me a nancy if you want, I'll just drown you out with some Talulah Gosh.
I first saw Liverpool's Popinjays on MTV's Sunday night alternaive rock show, 120 minutes. It took me a while to find their CD but when I did I loved it. Catchy as hell, and tho' their single is still my favorite track on the record, their album keeps up the sweet and sugary catchiness all the way through. There's some depth to their music - don't get me wrong - but its their hooks and Wendy Robinson's great vocals that keep me listening all these years later.
(I also included their EP "Vote Elvis" released - I think - right before the full album came out. I don't like it so much tho')

Twee As Fuck!

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  1. you know I love pop and bubblegum, I just grabbed this one to check it out.
    send me your real email here.
    I have a couple of uploads I want to send you, but I dont want to put them on my page..